Monday, September 28, 2009

New Beginnings

This still doesn't feel real, this new life. The kids are all in school during the day. I'm working from home part time, and writing. For me. For real. 

I don't know how long this reprieve will last, it depends, I  suppose, on how successful I am at marketing my writing, and if I go back to work full time. 

But, rather than add to my 'professional site' (which will start being updated regularly tomorrow) the personal ramblings will remain here.

Day 1.

I did my part time work, tossed some laundry in and took my spastic Allie for a walk. She's a breed that needs both company and exercise, and my being home suits her just fine. It means a nice long mid-day walk, more dog park time and constant companionship. For both of us. Without being chased down by little boys and caught up in a tween's drama.

The house is so quiet, it's amazing how much I'm enjoying it. I didn't think quiet could be this satisfying. It is. A girl could get used to it. After my morning of not quite 'getting' that this was my new place, this quiet time, I took Allie for her walk and passed by a house I always passed but never noticed. It's on a corner lot, a big brown brick square that was prevented from looking imposing by the two full old trees that leaned toward it, keeping it pushed back. The yard was fenced with those adorable brown log fences and had a cute circular patch of flowers. It was messy, and the little tricycle in the path, tossed there on a whim and left for some other distraction, gave me an indication of why. I decided to like that house on the corner. I had never noticed it before, but now that I have, I shall notice it every time, and see something new and lovely about it. It's just what happens.

I also passed a creek on my walk, the same creek I always pass. But this time, the rushing of the water seemed more enticing, and I lingered there and saw just how clear the water was today. I saw the stones on the creek floor and understand now why it was that one day this summer as I was passing the creek, I found two kids playing in the water under the bridge. I wouldn't recommend it, but I now understood what drove them in. 

So next time, I have decided, when I take Allie on her afternoon or morning walks, I will have to bring a camera, take some pictures and practice some reflective writing. If I don't do it here, it ends up in my stories, usually to their detriment.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Me Be Done

I'm still doing my other blog... and will start dedicating official time for that in the next week and a half.

But... in exciting lahdeeda news...

I'm going to pursue writing full time!


Kids in school.

Well, along with some remote p/t work for my current company which, sadly, I decided to leave the f/t position.. but... happily.... FREE WRITING TIME!

I have one book I can finally edit properly and try to send out for publishing (scary!)
I have one book in the works mentally (seriously, I should take notes on my thoughts)
I have a bunch of short stories I'm going to try to get out!