Sunday, April 29, 2007

NFL Draft


I don't care about the NFL draft. I don't, and I'm not following it, nor am I asking Hubby McRed who picked who and who went where.... I certainly didn't log in to to figure out the details of the Raiders trade to NE.

New England gets Randy Moss... WOOOOT. However, I wish they would stop positioning New England as the team to make it to the Superbowl. It's how teams get cursed. I want New England to make it, so lets stop predicting they will and wait til the actual season starts. And, for the record, seeing as I'm a New England native, no, as a matter of fact, I did not jump on their bandwagon.... it's not my fault my team rocks.

Hubby McRed is deeply concerned with Dallas' picks, and can't believe that the Dolphins didn't pick up Quinn, because, duh, they need a quarterback.

Monday, April 23, 2007

What I got


I got one.

I did.

On sale at

And there was another 8% coupon which made it even nicer, with free shipping.

Some might think this is excessive, however, I am the vacuum destroyer.

We have to replace our vacuums every year and a half or two.


Because Hubby McRed is frakkin' sick and frakkin' tired of having to always blow a freakin' 150 bucks on a vaccum someone in the house (moi') is going to trash in less than a year and a half....

If I manage to destroy this one, we may just eliminate carpet in our house altogether....

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Soy is Dangerous. Tofu, too!

It is with great joy that I discovered the benefits of soy protein were far outweighed by the dangers.

Thyroidism! Breast cancer! Hormonal imbalances! Early onset of puberty in girls! Slowed development in boys!

The verdict?

Forget soy. Forget tofu. Eat polenta and pasta. They even taste good! Diet Coke is healthier!

For the past two (yes, a whole two) days, after reading about how wonderful soymilk and tofu was, I decided to try it. See all those Silk commercials touting the health benefits of soy? One-sided. I tried some light soy milk. Bleah. The vanilla and chocolate is good though. I tried variations of tofu. Bland, but not bad, neither here nor there.

Then, because I couldn't fathom how to eat the recommended 25 grams of soy (on the back of the Silk box, I should have known better) I looked up the benefits of soy, to see if it was really worth all that.

Ummm.... nope. Read all about the controversy!

It's not just there, either. It's here... and then over here

Okay that last one was just for a laugh but still, this is more trusty...

And finally,the Wikipedia version.

So I think the occasional glass of soy milk (chocolate, or vanilla, but not plain ewww) and some tofu or miso is fine, but I think I won't be eating tempeh or soy burgers, or soy stuff... bleah.

If it doesn't include most of the soy bean and doesn't have soy protein then it's to be avoided, I think....
... and while I'll eat some soy, I'm not inclined to try to add it to my daily diet.

I'll just stock up on some olive oil and salmon.

Now, there's a combo you can't go wrong with.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bye Bye Baby

So we had three cats when we moved from Washington. But this house is laid out differently, and there is less room (until we finish the basement, but that's down the road) and the three cats hissed and fought and were not happy.

What do we do?

Nobody wanted the cat, even though everyone agreed he was wonderful (This right here is why I don't want to hear anything from people with the 'pets are forever' stories. When everyone is bloody miserable, something isn' working and it's not good for any of the pets. Also nobody wants your pet, they want to shop for their own. All the people that tell you they want your cat don't really, all the people you ask know people whom they are sure want it blah blah blah.) You can't just put it up on craigslist. Well, you can, but nasty, unpleasant things can happen to cats given to people on craigslist (PETA has a warning up). With the stuff with my mom going on, the constant cat dramatics and a berber carpet used as a scratching post, I couldn't spend months finding him a new home. So I took him to the humane society here, because happily, they don't euthanize their cats. In fact, unless the cat is seriously ill, he will stay there being fed, fat and happy until someone adopts him, which will not be long, since he's a big, fat, loveable, cuddleable, baby.

They asked why of the three cats we chose to give this one up. I said he didn't bond with anyone. (Also, if anyone would get adopted it would be him. I can't see anyone adopting my cat, who is so anxious and nervous that he throws up at the mere thought of change... twin birth, three days of yak. Car trip, peed on self in Nebraska. Attempt at dog, yak fest. Pet hotel here, shivering and shaking. I've had him for five years. I love his big eyes, I love his gray coat. I could do without the yakking. Then there's Drama's cat. Oh dear. Nobody but Drama girl likes this cat, though Hubby McRed sympathizes with her unique dislike of everyone, and her shyness and unwillingess to go near, oh, anyone else but Drama girl and occasionally Hubby McRed. So yes, nobody would be taking her, either, not to mention the severe emotional trauma taking the only, yes ONLY, pet that Drama girl ever had that actually liked her back would cause. (We are SOULMATES, she swears) The thing is, she really IS the only pet to return Drama Girl's affection. She sleeps at her head every night. She comes out for Drama girl. She plays with her hair. Drama girl pets her. She has a pink pet carrier in her room for her. Yes, that one could not, would not, must not go.

Which left the Biggest, Most Affectionate, Most Loveable, but for some reason, only cat that didn't bond with someone. Me personally, I think this family likes the outcasts, the outsiders, the problem children. We couldn't bond with Baby, his nickname, because he was, well, too good, too wonderful, too cuddly... how sad is that?

And what has happened the first night he left?


No cats chasing each other hissing across the house.

Drama girl's cat actually ventured into the open.

Everyone slept without having to wake up once to deal with a cat.

As I speak, Drama girl's cat is actually downstairs, eating, in the presence of another cat and myself.

Definitely I feel it was a case of the current environment not being able to hold three of them.

And yes, I am going to be pathetic and monitor his progress on their website to see if someone takes him.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Deadliest Catch

What is so interesting about this show? I mean, technically, it's a 'guy' show so I shouldn't even be interested in it.

Men, on a ship, the Bering Sea, fishing for crab. The weather is usually bad. In one season, someone, at least someone, usually not on the ships that have the tv crews, will die. Someone will be injured (at least). A boat will get damaged. There will be a crazy storm (usually, once a show). The crab season only lasts like 23 days in October. It's an insane show. But me? Me? I'm addicted to it. I even have my favorite captains, and occasional crew member I bond with occasionally.

And I get cranky when I'm not caught up.

I'm not even a big tv person. I despise reality tv. Yet, here I am, catching up on the latest Deadliest Catch.....

Friday, April 13, 2007

Who I Really Am

Lethal, Abhorrent, Hitchhiker-Devouring, Explorer-Eating Demon of Anger

Get Your Monster Name

Nomination weeee

Momma's World has nominated my blog for two categories, humor and best parenting...

Please vote, peeerttty pleeeassee....

My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!

The adult content is language (I'm so scammin' off of Second Effort's post here, he was nominated, too... vote for him, as well!)

My site was nominated for Best Parenting Blog!

also, if you vote for me, and get your ten best friends to vote for me, you will have good luck for the next ten years, however, if you don't vote for me, or you do but only have seven best friends, and don't meet the ten best friend quota, you won't finish your taxes on time, and if you did finish your taxes on time, the IRS will lose them.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Robin Hood

Why I love the BBC.

In the BBC America's Robin Hood series, I love that:

Maid Marion can don a short bob, with bangs, and not cover it up. (She got her hair cut for helping poor people).

Maid Marion also practices Tai Chi, or some other relaxing form that didn't exist in England in 1192. She also never smiles. I suppose that would be realistic.

Robin Hood owns a hoodie. I adore hoodies. I want one just like his.

Robin Hood has a permanent scruff. Never a beard, never clean-shaven. It's a trick, to do that in 1192.

All the men, in fact, have neatly groomed scruffiness.

The Sheriff has heated floors in his castle, because he goes barefoot in them occasionally, while it's rainy and cold outside. Heated floors!

He also has the coolest loungewear.

Maid Marion can wear pants, too. Who knew maids wore pants.

Robin Hood has a nice ass, as seen in his tight leather britches.

Guy Gisbon is also a hottie, but he's a villian, a good villian, very villianous, he's so cute, then he kills someone randomly and how can you justify finding the villianous villian hot?

If I were 13, I'd have Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Boys plastered over my walls... yum.

Maid Marion can have Robin, but she's too grumpy. She's so wasting that ass. And apparently they have cute little shrugs back then too.

I'm sooo tired.

Night night folks.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

About Bridge

I will not play Bridge.

I am sure Bridge is fun. I am equally sure I would not be good at it. It requires 'paying attention' and I seldom, rarely, never, pay attention when I'm playing cards. I am sure that I could learn to play, that is not the issue.

I just don't want to learn how to play. Maybe one day, I will suddenly have the desire to play Bridge. Maybe I will fall into a social circle that is fanatical about Bridge. Probably not.

The thing is, I have a finite amount of time. I have three young children. I have school. I have writing. I barely have time to eek out time for myself, or my husband and I. And this is the main point.

When I can finally eek out time for myself, or my husband and I, I do not want to squander it playing a card game I don't care about. I prefer to squander it at a restaurant. At the movies. At a book club. At a friend's home. Shoot, I'd prefer to spend it playing Bunco, if there were wine and cheese. I mean, Bunco isn't a game so much as something to do with your hands while you talk. I don't want to waste it on something I would have to take seriously, or learn, or think about.

Thank you.

P.S. No Bridge fans were hurt, maimed, tormented or bitched at during the making of this post.