Thursday, February 22, 2007

One last sticker

Tonight (Friday night) is the last sticker night. Need I say more?

It may not be the greatest work of art ever (I mean, the boys are three and mommy is talentless artwise, but check out drama's good rendition of Daddy McRed on the right, holding her hand.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Do you wish to report the problem

Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.

This crops up every time I try to close a page in internet explorer.

It asks if I want to report the problem. What I want to know is, if I did report the problem, would it get fixed? I mean, if I report the problem to Microsoft, will they then send me an email or notice that says 'Problem fixed, thank you for reporting it.'

So I always say I don't want to report it.

Then the page freezes.

So to close it, I have to hit ctr alt delete, and end the program (web site) that is not responding. Again, not sending the report.

Someone, tell me how to fix this....

If I just switched to Firefox would this problem go away?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Reflections between points

I was thinking about where I was ten years ago. This is brought on by the fact that I'm between points in my life. I am going to move to a new place, in two weeks, and return to that place called 'the workforce.' Right now, I'm jobless, and have been for about three and a half years.

Ten years ago, I was preparing to move to England with our six month old Drama and Hubby McRed, who had yet to return from Korea. When he did, we had a few weeks before we left for England.

Once we arrived in England, I was a working mom, with one kid. I ate lunch at this awesome little shop that sold the best lamb kebabs, and it was always loaded with yummy yogurt sauce. I ate lunch with my friend Rach, or Ann-Marie, and we gossiped about our bosses, our men, other people's mens, and just generally people we knew. Occasionally, Hubby McRed would meet me for lunch. Once, I called him and made him fix a flat during the middle of the work day.

I was tired from working, attending college classes, and taking care of an 8 month old turning into a toddler. But I also had fun because of working, attending college classes, and taking care of said intant/toddler. We had friends, mostly male friends, come over practically every weekend, and we'd order Indian food. I loved chicken tikka and the nan bread. Hubby McRed hated Indian food for the first six months, and then suddenly developed a taste for it.

I went to the outdoor market at Bury St. Edmunds with my toddler, and we browsed both the outdoor stalls and the indoor shops. I found the best black Mary Janes and pink rain coat for her, as well as the yummiest farm fresh Strawberries. I'd treat myself to a Cornish pastie and coffee. I adored the cobblestone roads that were closed off on market days, and enjoyed the brisk weather. Sometimes I would walk with her to the Abby ruins, where there was a huge garden you could stroll. I still have the pictures of that place. I loved Bury St. Edmunds. It was small, quaint and adorable.

About every two months or so, Hubby McRed and I would drive up to Cambridge, which was my favoritest place of all, and shop their huge outdoor market, peruse all the wonderful shops and walk the cobblestone roads in the pedestrian area surrounded by old buidings, colleges and abbeys, getting coffees and sitting outdoors watching people spill out of other cafes and pubs. One of our favorite dinner places in Cambridge, was, ironically, Chilis. Drama girl would usually fall asleep, so we'd have a quiet dinner. We never spent a lot of money there, because we didn't have a lot of money, but we always had fun, and always bought a little something.

That was where I was ten years ago.

Now, I'm ten years older, working on a second degree for what purpose I can't really say, with two preschoolers moving to a new place where I hope to work again, find neat places to shop and quaint hang outs, have lunch with people I call friends and build some nice memories so that when, in ten years, I think about where I was ten years ago, it will be those memories that pop up.

It really is time for a change for me, in the sense that going back to work after three years is a change. I think it's the right thing for me, because I'm so eager for it. And lets face it, nobody is eager for something they don't really want. I'm eager to go to a place where hopefully it'll be easier for me to connect with people, and by connecting I mean meet women I can be friends with.

Looking at the past two years here, I see that it was a period of aloneness. It was difficult for me to make friends for whatever reason, probably because it's just hard for any mom who stays home and has just moved to a new place to make new friends. It was also a period were I couldn't focus on any one thing. I blame that on the fact that I was a stay at home mom with twins under three. It was impossible to focus on anything, since I didn't have any time. This meant that the past few years have been rich for family bonding and children rearing, but sparse in personal growth and development.

Since age 16, I have worked. These past few years have been the only years in my life when I haven't worked, except for a one year period where I was in North Dakota finishing my degree. Yes, I said North Dakota. Ask Mel. She was there, finishing hers. That was one year. This was three to four years. I think it was the right thing, to stay home, because the boys were so young and Drama was going through some adjustments in school as we worked to find the right balance between medicine, routine, and special adjustments in how we handled homework and test taking, something all ADD kids have to struggle with until the right formula is found.

But, now, we've got a formula that works, the boys are ready for pre-school, and our budget, quite frankly, is ripe for a second income. I myself am ready for a paycheck, people above the age of 10 to speak to, and well, someplace to go during the day. So off I go back into the big wide world where I will soon be so ensconced in the workforce I can go back to complaining about how much work sucks, as I happily spend the money I make, sucking it up. I intend to cast a wide net. Since my degree andd work history is so varied, I'm almost guaranteed to get a weird, creative job, which I adore.

Just as the last decade has been a period of constant change and movement, I hope this next decade is a period of stability and prosperity.

Friday, February 16, 2007

The plans of others...

One of my biggest pet peeves in life is how some people feel perfectly justified in making plans for other people, this case, other being me.

Hubby McRed is residing in Colorado, yes, this is true.

I, however, with our three children, currently reside in Washington state. We are moving to Colorado, but not yet there. My current plans involve packing, calling utilities, and preparing to move. I don't have any plans for when I'm in Colorado other than: Move in, get daughter set up at local school, unpack and start looking for a job. This, of course, is after a week staying at Hubby McRed's mother's place. That in itself is not bad. Actually, it is bad, but for her, not me. I feel for her. It's been decades since she's had young'uns running around. There are no plans beyond them volunteering to do the occasional help me with the kids or babysit at some point or another.

I am not interested in making other plans. This is a lot as it is. It's a huge move, it's a huge adjustment for the kids, and it's going to take time to settle into a routine.

Other plans are being made for me, however. Now, these plans sound wonderful, until you put them in context with the situation and oh, what I want.

There are offerings of, when we first get there, others taking the children for the night so Hubby McRed can run around and pretend we are single. GREAT! You are thinking. What's wrong with that?

This follows other suggestions. The first was to buy an overpriced home of a friend's we couldn't afford. The second, after a very annoying phone call at 1:30 a.m. resulted in the brilliant suggestion that someone fly out to Washington for a few days to be with me and the children, that someone not being my husband, and in fact, not being someone I'm on the best of terms with. The third was a silly notion of classes to learn a card game so presumably we could meet and play cards.

The visit, of course, never happened. I'm not taking classes to learn how to play a card game. And of course, we're not going to buy an overpriced home we can't really afford.

But the last offer is great, right?

Well, lets see.

I'm not in Colorado yet. I haven't moved in anywhere. I haven't settled things. We haven't closed on the house yet, the one here or there. This means money is tight. There's no way that a get-a-way is going to relax me when there's still so much going on, and I'm not really sure we have the budget for it. Maybe in a few months, but not in the first few weeks of just arriving. It's just how I am. I need to settle first.

The preschoolers don't know these people. It doesn't matter they are relatives. Turbo and Bear haven't seen these people since they were less than a year old. So essentially, we'd make this huge move, leaving their familiar home behind, and then mommy and daddy would drop them off at a 'new place' and take off, and they'd be stuck with, well, strangers, who have no idea how to care for preschoolers (we have huuuge differences in discipline.) Or am I the only person who thinks of things like this? Not to mention, none of the issues I have with these people are anywhere near resolved. Apparently, I'm supposed to pretend nothing happened, hand over the kids, and call it a night because everyone else has ASSURED me everything is fine now. /boggle/

The other issues with these people haven't been resolved. Hubby McRed assures me that they are different. Yet, they seem to be the same to me. I wanted a week or two to adjust and settle a bit before having to handle these 'issues.' I'm not convinced they have changed. I wanted to go slow, to really take things one small step at a time. How else could I trust this sudden converstion? The first step they want to take, is to take the kids for a night at a time of their choosing. And it's not just an offer. They will repeat this 'offer' over and over and over ignoring all the "no's" until it becomes a fight.

Well, I'm not doing it.

Relationships aren't so easily mended (especially when they've been so utterly mangled with disrespect and pinheadedness) and I'm not stepping into the exact same pattern I was tossed unwillingly in the last time. This time, things will go slow, and I'm not dumping my kids on people they don't really know for a 'getaway that isn't really a getaway, but just me worrying for 24 hours about the kids, the house, the budget, the new school....

I mean, lets start with a dinner first, let the kids get to know you.

Of course, Hubby McRed supposedly TOLD them this, that we needed to go slow (he probably did) but this is the response? To totally dump invite after invite, obligation after obligation on us? Ugh.

Yes this is purely a rant. But, these people drive me looney, and I don't care who you are, you don't change in two months.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday night dinner

Eggs are evil for you.

Ham is salty, and bad for you.

Tomatos aren't bad for you. But when you fry them in egg and ham residue they are evil.

Tonight's dinner was a yummy ham steak glazed with brown sugar and apple cider vinegar, eggs, over easy, and yum, fried tomatos.

I didn't think anyone would really go crazy over it. My family is pretty blase about food. My preschoolers generally only familiar with scrambled eggs loaded with cheese...

Turbo and Bear gobbled up the eggs and ham, not so much the tomatoes, and Drama whined there wasn't more ham. Well, ham is pricey. I mean, I just got a small, fat slab and I thought it was overpriced, even on sale!

Go me.

As it is, they upgraded my blog. There's LOTS of new features. I so don't have time for new features.

Monday, February 12, 2007


It looks like we get the place we want, and our house is good to go as well.


Lots to do now, busy busy... not to mention a three page essay I need to write for one of my classes... ack.

Will post something more substantial later!

But before I go, let me share my happy thought with you....

Sedated Cats.

Yep. We're druggin' those bad boys, and gal.

'aint no way I'm drivin' with meowing, crying, clawing, pathetic whimpering cats to Colorado!

Sunday, February 11, 2007


We find out if the people accepted our inspection terms, and if the home Hubby McRed found for us is ours...

Wish us luck!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

My Poor Shows

So, in my quest to find shows I absolutely love, I go to the BBC shows that finally get around to being aired in America or sent to Netflix. I loved As Time Goes By, Keeping Up Appearances, and Are You Being Served. Currently, I enjoy watching Hardware and sometimes Spaced, kind of have to be in the mood for Spaced but when I'm in the mood it's hilarious.

I was surprised to find I absolutely loved
Balleykissangel. The first three seasons were great. I couldn't wait to get the new disc! And the last two shows of season three, um, devastated me, as much as a show can. I couldn't believe it! And of course, no one I know even knows the show exists much less watches it, so I'm going to go on about it here, so if you WANT to watch it, which I doubt, because I'm the only person I know who gets addicted to these shows, don't read.

See, the show is a story about an English priest who goes to a small Irish village, and is just about the daily lives and tribulations of village life, viewed from an outsider who has a position of responsibility. I loved this show. I loved Fr. Peter Cliffard.

The problem is, he was the catalyst character, the one that the show needed to have perspective. He was also one of the strongest characters. I loooovvvved this character. He was a good priest minus his minor falling in love with women thing, and of course, you can't have a priest on television without having a crisis, and he did. He stort of fell in love with the pub owner chick, Assumpta. After three seaons, which would normally last three years, but for me, using Netflix, lasted more like three months, the attraction between the two and the deep, intense feeling, that stayed platonic the whole time (not a trashy show) finally culminated in a major decision. He was going to leave the priesthood and she and he were going to marry. It was real, it was wonderful and it was sweet.... until she gets electrocuted in the pub cellar fixing her fuse box... /boggle.

Never mind my opinions on the convenient death. How was I supposed to know the actual actors/actresses were leaving? The point is, her death I could take, how sad, it was riveting, the crisis, the misery, the anguish, it was well acted, I felt for him. Sad. It was really riveting. But I figured, I just figured that he would use this loss and become totally devoted to the priesthood.

Ummm nope. He left the show. ACK. How awful!

Like, what about me!

How can I watch the next three seasons? The whole show was based on these relationships between the townspeople and the priest and how he helped them, the young married couple he helped, the pub regulars, the local garda, it was great. I was totally involved with these relationships. I loved how he interacted with everyone. But no. He left.

So now, I'm bah'd. I'm just so bah.

This totally happened with
Monarch of the Glen, too. The first three seasons were great. Archie MacDonald was key. Then he left.

I just dont have televsion show luck. I hope it doesn't affect BSG, because if, say, they killed off Helo or Apollo, or Adama turns out to be a cylon after all, I'm so done.

I mean, all my leading men just end up disappointing me.

So bah humbug to them all!

Friday, February 09, 2007

The inspection results...ta daaaa

There were 11 things on the inspection list, and they want 3-11 done.

This is what I agreed to do:

Clean gutter and downspout.
Clean and service furnace.
Fix the gas line on the water heater at the thermostat control.
Interior missing doorstops (Have them, just need to find them ha ha)
Interior handrail (I have it, I just need to reattach it)

Here's what I offered them $500 to do themselves:
Exterior handrail
Gate (like honestly if I fix it it'll fall down by spring)
Attic needs better ventilation and more vent holes (huh? whatever.)

Here's what I said hell no to:
New faucet in kitchen due to leak (It doesn't leak all the time, it's one of those thigns where occasionally you have the water on and sometimes some comes out of the faucet thingie)
washer and dryer at end of operable lifespan.

Well. Go buy yourself a new washer and dryer. I am not buying you one.

They should say yes to it, there's nothing unreasonable about telling them to buy their own faucet and washer and dryer, and basically I don't want to bother with the attic. They can when they move in. Though frankly, I bet they take the $500 and don't ventilate the attic.

So I should know Monday if they accept it or not. I'm sure they will, since the only unreasonable thing they asked for was the washer and dryer, they were probably just hoping. But their realtor, really, should have told them to leave it off.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The age of curiosity and religion

Tweens are very curious. I hate calling them tweens, because it implies fashion, selfishness, drama, and a sense of ditziness. The truth is, tweens are nowhere near teenagers, really, they only pretend it. They are still kids, big kids, but still kids, in the sense that they are curious about everything. This is the age when schools should have kids do experiments, rather than tell them about experiments. The age when schools should be introducing kids to cause and effect, and have them actually make the connections, rather than, oh I don't know, teach them how to take a multiple choice test.

Anyhow, religion is one of those things children get curious about.

Now, I have been woeful in this educational aspect with my daughter. It's not that I don't have any thoughts on the subject, I do. A whole lot of them. Some of them not completely formed, others pretty solid. I grew up Catholic, and tend toward that belief because it's part of my history, my heritage whatever I have left of it) and part of who I am. It's also one I know, and can navigate. We (meaning I) did take her to church before we moved, but haven't been since.

My problem with religion isn't God, or belief or faith. It's what religion does to God, belief and faith. I am more inclined to the spirtual side of it. My problem with religion is its institutionalization. I intend for my daughter to gain an understanding of religion. She has a bible and she's read numerous stories out of it. I've answered questions, I've explained some things about what we believe, but I failed to do with her what my mother did with me, which is regale me with lots of stories and tales, which happened to be religious. In light of this past week, I realize this is something I need to tend to.

My daughter has a new friend who's religious conviction I tolerate, in the sense that it's fine for her to have it, but I do not condone it in my daughter. The religion in question is Jehovas Witness. She had another friend who was of one of the evangelical Christian churches, and the same thing happened. These are not our religions, by far, and my personal belief is that you can try to convert an adult all you like, but trying to convert your children's friend is a definite no.

My daughter came home with a bible study guide. Now, you understand, that Bible study guide isn't going to make it to Colorado. Because I read it, and it's part Bible, part Jehovas Witness teaching. The thing of it is, she should never have been given that book, because I don't condone that religion. That drives me batty, anyhow, I'm not so insecure I can't deal with it. By throwing it in the trash. I mean, she does have her own children's Bible, and I've decided to do what my Aunt did with my cousin, and just read her a story from it each night. Except the ones that preach total obediance of a wife to a man. That, I swear, has been pulled out of context in the Bible, and out of context, has been used to preach that women should just do what they are told for countless years, and I won't be having any of that for my daughter... anyhow again, moving on...

The thing of it is, I believe my daughter should be allowed to question everything, and faith should be sincere, but she should question it, because the only way to get answers is to ask questions. And I always intended to teach her my belief, to ensure she questioned everything, partly to alleviate fears of her blindly falling prey to a cult or worse, that even more insidious and ever-present real threat, 'friend think.' So asking questions in life, religion, education is good. I will argue with anyone who tells my daughter to believe something without questioning it.

The problem of it is the religion. For the longest time, I wondered how I could teach her my faith and beliefs, and how I merge that in with the stricter doctrine of Catholicism (which, interestingly enough, I happen to disagree with some of it). I've avoided it simply becaue I haven't worked a way around it.

I think I need to just make a start of it though. Somehow. Because I'd rather teach her my beliefs than have her pick up a hodge-podge mixture of beliefs from the playground and other kids' parents...


Ideas anyone?

Still Waiting

The inspection was Tuesday. It's now Thursday.

Now, this isn't a lot of time to pass. But considering they accepted hte offer on Sunday and had in an appraiser and an inspector in on Tuesday, and got the report Tuesday, you would think they would have gotten back to me by now.


Realistically, there probably isn't much. We had an inspection done when we bought the house and I think we made them service the furnace and something minor. They do, technically, have until Tuesday to get back to me, 7 work days, but I can only think that if there wasn't anything major they would have sent it back already with the request that it be fixed. I've been known to be wrong.

So of course my mind is going into overdrive. They changed their mind and are using the inspection to get out of it. There are bats living in my attic and I just never knew. There are birds nests, too, next to the bats. They are nitpicking and will expect me to fix everything. Oh I don't know. I just remember that we got back to the realtor that very day, the day of the inspection. These people want to move in March 6. They moved fast with everything else. What are they waiting on?

So. Overactive mind acts up and thinks up pessimistic thoughts.


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Inspection inspection...

I am a patient woman.


Anyhow, I'm doing everything I can to not frett about the results of the inspection. I mean, they check EVERYTHING. I"m dreading it, because I always expect the worst case. Which is not realistic, but hey.

The appraiser also came by today.

I mean, is it me, or are these folk moving fast? Like, did they have them lined up already? They did just accept the offer Sunday, I mean, sheesh. It took us a couple of days to get the inspector and a week for the appraiser!

So hopefully, my realtor will come over tomorrow with the results and it won't be too awful. The house is only ten years old.


Monday, February 05, 2007


I'm almost ready to write again. I hate that i've taken a break, but the stress of house selling, moving to an undisclosed location in Colorado (I am so not fretting about that, Hubby McRed has that responsibility) and everything that that entails, I've not written.

I think once the inspection is done (tomorrow) I'll be suitably calm to start.

In the mean time, this blog, of which, I've noticed, usually harbors grammatical errors and misspellings galore, will have to do.

Today's theme is, hmm, bossy attitude isn't quite the word, neither is Mr. Sassy Pants, maybe "Just Who Do You Think You Are Bud?" is more apt.

Turbo has some new questions and phrases for mommy:

"Moom. What are you think your doing?" (Said in the same way I say it when I find them tossing cat food all over the place like confetti)

"Mooom. What are you doing to the truck?" Said with a strong emphasis on the you, while driving over speed bumps. Like it's me, personally, making the drive bumpy.

"Moom. I don't know. I just don't know." Neither do I bud.

"Mooom. Frackkin frackkin crap car mom." (I thought that one went away, I SWEAR I only said it once and I didn't think they could hear, and no, it wasn't fracckin...).

"Mom I want a Mcdonald Donald Yellow French Fries." Said every time I take him to the store.

"Mom I'm fine." Usually said while crying, after he got hurt. But he's fiiine.

"Mom I'm sorry." Said for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I think he may be apologizing for actions he will commit in the future, from tomorrow until like, 45.

"Mom I Love You." Said in the same soft sad voice he says 'i'm sorry' in. Yeah, I know, this one's gonna play me.

"Mom you funny." Said out of the blue whenever he's amused at something I do. Take note, when he says this, I'm not usually trying to make him laugh.

My favorite from Bear is "What's the point?"

Bear doesn't have too many favorites. He's not experimenting with words right now. He's too busy testing boundaries and limits.

Our newest creation is the "Daddy Come Home" countdown calendar. We got a posterboard and stickers. I made it into a big calendar and they colored it, all over it. We even got Drama Girl involved. Then we put stickers on today. Every night before bed, they will put a sticker on it, as a countdown to the day daddy comes home (Feb. 23 for those wondering).

My only concern is how to break it to Turbo that he's losing his side of the bed... It's not that Turbo goes to bed in my bed. It's just that while I'm sleeping the bugger sneaks in and crawls in, and I don't wake up until morning when Bear comes in for his morning snuggle around 6 a.m. Bear comes in and dozes for an hour or two, but Turbo usually slips in late at night and is clever enough not to wake me.

p.s. Tonight's Old Time Star Trek, you know, the William Shatner one, (Go Capt. Kirk you da Main Man) is the one with Abraham Lincoln. This one's a chipper one, not the tormented one suffering from a great malaise of the spirit that history claims.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

House: Pending Inspection

Yep, that's right. I accepted an offer above our asking price, with us paying closing costs (which they added to the asking price, which is why they offered above our offer, but details details...)

Then we offered the second party a back-offer which they can accept, but it doesn't obligate them to actually buy the house if they find something in between. They may or may not accept, my realtor, who I now luff so very much, said it's 50-50, but that she's done tons of back up offers that actually close.

If I want to be petty, I can tell the neighbors I sold my house over the asking price, but then that would just give them faith in their overpriced homes, none of which have sold yet.

Interestingly enough, the one other ReMax home in our neighborhood, a rambler, sold within a month as well, and it was priced correctly. (Yes, I went to the website and viewed what homes in our neighborhood were actually selling at for the past few months, because I want my house to actually sell.)

Now, I know that it's not sold til everything's signed, but I'm sure the appraisal will go fine, and I'm sure there won't be anything major in the inspection. But to be smart, I'm not calling up utilities and such until after the inspection because you never do know what surprises might pop up and bite you. Maybe none, maybe one, but I know enough not to go packing and leave before the inspection is done.

Hubby McRed is over the moon. Now he knows he'll see us, and that for real, we're going down there.

I'm over the moon too.

Ironically, and this will make you laugh...

The ORIGINAL people who put an offer on the house, the one I countered, called my realtor and told her they'd be getting back to her today and were still thinking about it.


There's a reason that there is a deadline on offers people.

So wish me luck and that the appraisal and inspection goes well!

We're off to Colorado. We're off to Colorado.

Now I have to help my daughter deal. She's moved too much as it is /sigh. But that's what happens when you are rootless, I suppose.

News News News

I have no one to call.

So I must blog.

I will be looking at two, yes, TWO, offers on my home this afternoon.

This particluar family, the story of which I regaled to More Gravy, who never updates her blog, is long, and I have followed it with interest the moment they stepped into my home and I actually felt a change in the atmosphere in my home coming off them in waves, sort of a mixture of pleasure, excitement, and desire. I had them pegged as potentials. They came back the next morning, Saturday, and were sending in an offer that night.

What I did not expect was the ten minute, only been here once, 6 p.m. visitors, young single woman, (buying a home on her own, you GO girl) and her boyfriend who's allergic to cats, explaining the ten minute visit (I have three cats). I'm wondering why, around 8, my realtor hasn't called with the details of the offer, when I get a bizarre phone call asking about a clarification on the buyers form and I'm like, no WAY dude...

My realtor calls me at 9 to confirm.

So this afternoon I will be looking at two offers.

Go me. The first one is already 3K above the one I turned down. 3K is 3K. Haven't seen the second one, but my instinct says that if they are both similar, than every other offer after would be similar, and I should just take one. I could counteroffer on the closing costs, but I have to decide if the risk is worth the loss. Hubby McRed apparently is desperately missing his family, which is sweet, and may be worth letting 5K of closing costs go, but yeesh, 5K is 5K (see? I'm awful). BUT for those who think I'm being greedy, every other home in this neighborhood is 15-20K higher than mine, and smaller.

I am not sure if I'm going to counteroffer. It depends on the second offer. The last time I didn't counter offer, Hubby McRed, well yes. I just wish people would at least pay half their own danged closing costs.

And in retaliation for a very late night drunken phone call from certain individuals, yes, plural, down my husband's way, I didn't tell him we had two offers til he text'd a message at midnight. To which I text'd back, two offers, I win...

He hates it when I know something and he doesn't. Even if it's silly gossip. So yes, I know.. I know, petty and childish, but sooo worth it.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Escapist Reading


So we all know I'm stressed.

Hubby McRed is over the fact they didn't accept our counteroffer and after some grumbly words to me and some passionate words unrelated to romance back at him, he realized I'm right. Duh.

I mean, I even got stopped by the Neighborhood Patrol on the walk back from Drama's school and was asked, 'Why is your house the lowest one in the neighborhood?' To which I made up several nice replies, and held my personal opinion 'Because my realtor is the only one who seems to have done a proper market analysis of homes in our area, and we priced accordingly, while your realtors are shoving smoke up your arses insisting that your home really isn't overpriced....

Moving on....

So at my sister's advice, I am engaging in some 'escapist' reading, seeing as there is nothing I can do about anything in my situation. I mean, it's not like I can drag some folk over here, and make em buy my house with a reasonable offer. I can only sit and wait. She recommended I read about Marie Antoinnette... Um, No. She's never really fascinated me. Now my sister is reading "The Mayflower." But I'm past her. I"ve already done the fascination with Pilgrim thing and moved on to a fascination with Prairie life and settling on the frontier, which has since waned. Nothing has yet taken it's place, so here is my February Escapist Reading:

The Last Kingdom -- Historic fiction, about how King Alfred the Great united England against the Danes (Vikings),by Bernard Cornwall.

How the Irish Saved Civilization -- apparently the Irish saved civilization, by Thomas Cahill.

Knight of Darkness -- Total guilty read, something a guy who's a lord of avalon and Merlin's assassin, I'm sure there's a love story and sex in it somewhere, by Kinley MacGregor.

Outlander -- Some nurse gets sent back in time, falls in love with Scottish barbarian Highlander who spanks her, definitiely love story and sex, but lots of historical detail, by Diana Gabaldan.

Mother Teresa, No Greater Love -- This may just be guilt-inducing, but who didn't like her?

The Friday Frett

List of Friday Fretts, and it's only 10:15 a.m.

I haven't heard from my realtor yet regarding the counter-offer to the crazy low offer. I'm assuming this means they didn't take it. I left her a message. I'm fairly certain they said no as the offer expired, however, I'm fretting over it, regardless.

Saturday, the moon is in Virgo. Saturday is also a big house hunting day, particularly since Sunday won't be, due to the Superbowl. When the moon is in virgo, the masses tend to be more picky and critical. So, I will have, astrologically, large groups of picky and critical people coming through my house noticing all the 'details' which, in my house, are not 'nice finishing touches' but more 'oh crap, here, maybe we can cover it up with paint.' It also rules contracts and such. This means nothing. But I'm fretting over it, regardless.

I have two classes from my master's program that started last week, and I blew off the first assignment (getting to know one another) usually that doesn't result in a major grade blow off, and I did introduce myself, late, but now I have to be really good for this second week, and read the actual texts and post, and I'm too fretty about the house to concentrate on school. So I'm fretting about it.

I have to do the bills. Duh, fret.

I have to do the groceries. I've made a committment to lose weight by eating healthy (since 80 percent of any weight loss program is dependent on food) but I don't know if I've got it in me to be that good, I mean, I"m going to go all out, veggies, fruit and tons less starch and bread (hello, Carb Addict here). So I'm fretting about it.

I weighed myself on the scale. Now I'm fretting even more.

I suddenly want to finish my astrology course, which I've blown off for three months, and it's totally not a big deal, but all the other fretters out there know that once you frett about one thing, it's never enough, and you have to find more things to frett about, so I'm fretting about that, too.

I'm secretly fretting about something else, of which I've only told one person, and it's driving me batty. It's something totally out of my control, but I want it to happen, or I think I do, I'm pretty sure I do, and so I'm fretty about it.

Anyone have anything else they think I should frett about?
Requests taken...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

13 Rambling Thoughts

In no particular order, random thoughts I've had today:

1. Why did my mother have to be the mother that told her daughters that wearing a bikini was how you got pregnant?

2. Why can't I find the place on Technorati that does hit counters, and have to be the idiot blogger that uses both technorati and site meter because it's all just too much and I've just had it with this danged contraption.

3. How on earth am I going to lose weight when I'm always hungry?

4. After your insultingly low offer, 18K below our asking price, and my reasonable counter-offer asking you to fork up at least another 7k, what is their to discuss that is taking so freakin' long, it's yes or no people.

5. Where are my boys?

6. I want to babble about the latest, most ironic, and interesting thing, I'm a set to burstin' to tell, I wanna share, I do I do, but it's too much emotionally, and it's most likely not a thing that may work out but a distant hope, or more likely, the universe frakkin' with us again. Someone Up There has a bizarre sense of humor. But how mad are Ed, More Gravy, M, and et al going to be mad at me if it does manifest and I tell them after?

7. Is multi-grain spaghetti really that much healthier than regular ole spaghetti?

8. I'm home, alone, with three children, and about to open a beer. Does this mean I'm a problem drinker, since I'm not socializing with another adult while drinking, or can I count the fact I'm blogging about it socializing, or is the fact I'm blogging about my drinking a beer, that I really need right now, just a cry for help?

9. If I said it was a cry for help, would someone send me more beer?

10. The comment in six is in no way related to anything involving pregnancy.

11. Do I HAVE to play Mall Rat with my daughter this weekend, since I've weasled out if it twice already and she's totally forgotten I was supposed to play? I mean, is it okay to ignore the fact that she sets it up and sits alone in her room pretending the cat is playing? Don't I have enough guilt from just being a product of Catholicism?

12. Isn't there a religion that doesn't require going to church? I don't mind the God bits, or the Saints and stuff, but that hour in church once a week is such a committment... (I know I know shuddup)

13. What is French Provincial?

The Minds of the Young

"Look, look, Daddy," says Bear, pointing to the picture of Daddy above the couch.

"Daddy wants to come out, mommy, daddy wants to come out of the picture," Bear tells me.

"Yeah, yeah, Daddy wanna come out," agrees Turbo.

Uh Oh. This is clearly an indication that the boys' patience with Daddy being gone is running out. Time for a reminder.

"Do you know where Daddy is?" I ask Turbo.

"Daddy there," says Turbo, pointing to the picture. "Daddy wanna come out."

I look at Bear.

"But where is the REAL daddy?"

"Colorado!" yells Bear.

"Yeah, yeah, Colorado," says Turbo.

"And what's he doing in Colorado?" I ask.

"Buying Bash more french fries!" exclaims Bash.

"Daddy got to Colorado. Daddy gotta buy Bash more french fries," explained Turbo. "Bash need new french fries."

"Daddy is working in Colorado, buddies." I say. "Do you know when you'll see him? You'll see him in March." This is when Daddy is going use Stepdaddy's frequent flier miles to visit.

"Yeah," says Bear. "I wanna march with Daddy. I'm gonna march march with daddy."

So glad I could clear things up for them.