Sunday, June 24, 2007

Garbage Bag Method of Cleaning

This is what I use on my daughter, and will use on my sons.

Right now, I regularly toss the boys toys away, but they are too young to notice...

My eldest, Drama Girl, is ten though.
We've been employing this method successfully since she's been four.

You give her the news ahead of time, and set up the rules.
You have to clean your room, and you can't come out until it's done, have fun, knock yourself out, however, if it's not done by Friday night, then Saturday we're going to do it Mommy's Way.

Mommy's way is the Garbage Bag method. I usually have to employ it once every four to six months.

It helps children prioritize between their best loved treasures and things they could (and should) get rid of.

The rules are, clean everything up in this amount of time and what ever is left on the floor gets tossed, and you don't get to be in the room....

I say, okay, and go in and empty out the toy bins of things that don't belong there, leaving actual toys in the bins. Tags, cardboard boxes, socks, shoes and t-shirts, along with empty shopping bags, get thrown into the middle of the floor. Sometimes it's necessary to throw the whole bin out but that's up to Mom.

Then I pull the red metal bin out. This is the bin where she can keep all her papers, drawings, pictures etc. I bought all her bins from target, by the way. This one is on wheels and hides in her closet, where Mommy rarely has to see it. Once this bin is full, she has to go through it, or never add to it again.

She has a predetermined amount of time to take all the things in the middle of her floor and put them in bins, toss them in the trash, throw them in the laundry pile, or put them in her desk.

Usually about an hour, two if I'm feeling generous.

At the end of this time period, Mom goes in, kicks Drama girl out (it is imperative they leave the room) and tosses everything left on the floor in the trash can.

She always asks for more time. The answer has to be no. This, in their eyes, means that you won't actually throw the toys away.

The first few times I got to throw a LOT of junk away, because she didn't believe I couldn't be as attached to her 'things' as she was. HA HA HA.

Now, I only need to throw things out every other year or so. Today, I may throw things out, because it's been so long since I've done this she seems to have 'forgotten' I am big on throwing things out.

And you never get mad at them for not finishing, and never say 'SEE< if you just cleaned this big bag wouldn't be going in the dump....'

Just say, Sorry, I wish you finished too. It sucks. Okay, well, it's clean now, sooo... enjoy!

Off to go fill up the garbage bag now....

Friday, June 22, 2007

Lahdeedah's Super Secret

So here is the thing that keeps me straight all day long, and not giving in to cravings...

You are what you eat.

So every time I pick something up, I think, do I want to be this?

For instance, sugary cereal. Do I want to be a big sugary blob? No.
Kashi whole grain cereal. Do I want to be thin stalks of wheat and happy grain? Yes.
Big refined bag of white flour? No. (i.e. good bye white bread and processed foods)
Light, ethereal mass of floaty cous cous? Yes.
Fresh, bright eggplant? Yes.

Okay some of it is the language, but you know, it works!

And when I get hungry, I drink a glass of water before I eat... that also helps.

Like you know, I KNOW that this information is not new, but it's the only thing that helped things 'click' for me, so now I'm seeing results.

Yummy Dessert Salad

Also known as Raspberry Chicken Salad.

Betty Crocker's Healthy New Choices cookbook is where my yummiest healthy recipes come from, that and the 'best of' cooking light seasonal mags. Though this latest summer issue has some yummies in it.

Okay, here goes....


Mixed salad greens (duh, it's a salad) any kind you like
2 cups cooked, cut up chicken breast
1 cup fresh raspberries
1/3 cup thinly sliced celery
pepper optional

1 cup plain fat free yogurt (I used lowfat)
1/2 cup fresh raspberries
1 tablespoon rasberry or red wine vinegar (I found a raspberry vinegar dressing)
Mix in blender for 15 seconds on high until smooth.

The dressing is sooo yummy especially if you chill it.

Toss everything together.
Put Raspberry dressing on it.

My daughter LOVED it.
I made a fruit salad for the boys because they don't like raspberries (what is wrong with them?)

This was more filling than I thought it would be, and it is so perfect as a summer dinner. If you want to impress your friends with your healthy cuisine and culinary expertise, I suppose you could add chilled white wine. It's literally refreshing. Considering it was 90 last night here, it was perfect.

For those who think this sort of eating is a waste of time, HA, I'd like to announce that another inch is missing, and I am not looking for it.

I might also point out this also means you must eat a fairly healthy breakfast and lunch...

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, not so very long ago, I was cool.

I had a cool job. I had an office, with a window even!

I got to wear jeans to work. I got to wear shorts. Sneakers. Hats. If I really wanted, I could have worn pajamas.

And no, I didn't work from home.

Ah, and here I am, in Colorado...



Monday, June 18, 2007

The Grocery Store Mom

I have become that which I have always pitied.

The one creature I swore I would never be.

You have all seen Her, for it is always a Her.

She is the woman with the half filled grocery cart, list in hand.

She is in comfortable clothing, never heels, never anything that will constrict her movement.

She comes with children, messy-haired, often with food-encrusted faces, and stained clothing. You can't be sure what they look like, they move to fast, speak too loudly and if you do try to stare, you will slowly begin to feel dizzy, followed by a mind-numbing thrumming you hear in your head, and then, you will see the yellowish color that usually precedes a faint.

These children, who start off with shoes but may lose them at some point, are an extension of the Woman.

They are loud, and She is loud. They do not stay in any one place, but rather move around the Woman in a circular motion, dancing, stomping, crawling, singing, fast, fast, loud, loud, never slow, never soft. She too, is in constant motion, an arm stretching here to pull one back, a twirl there to catch another, a bend and reach to look into the eyes of a third. A 'good job' and kiss when one surprises her with obedience.

Her voice can be heard loudly several aisles down, corralling the wild ones, her goal -- simply to keep them as close to the cart as possible. She does not deal with the noise. The noise is to them what oxygen is to us.

She is a menace to those trying to get down the same aisle, because though there is room for two carts, the constant motion of Children and Mom around the cart block the way. It takes a large and loud effort of high-pitched noises on the part of the Woman to make the cyclone of children stop and stand by the cart. This noise can be heard 14 aisles down, and in produce.

The elder sibling, who should know better, brings organization to the scattered children, leading them to higher and higher states of frenzied behavior. They now dance and sing loudly in the aisle, rather than simply hopping and jumping around the cart.

The Woman is always trying to find a bottle or box or carton of something, usually pushed all the way back by one of the children. At the same time, she is imploring the wayward creatures to use walking feet, enticing compliance with a mix of rules, threats and treats.

By the time this Woman, this MOM has made it to the cash register, she has lines on her face that were not there before, a cart full of mostly things on the list, some strange items she politely explains she does not want, and usually spends a few moments digging through the cart for her purse, since during the first few aisles, it becomes buried. By this time, she's composed herself, and dons a fake plastered smile that dares the world to believe she wouldn't trade this experience for anything in the world, that this is nothing to her, not even the zle in frazzle. And when they kindly ask if she would like help, the answer is most usually yes, because it takes everything just to get the children to the car, never mind the groceries as well.

This is the Grocery Store Mom.

If you see Her, be kind, and simply go down the next aisle and back track, because She can not leave and come back later. She needs the food, has already put off the trip several times, and is there because She can no longer wait. It is not her intent to annoy you, make you grumpier, or inflict her misbehaving bored children on you. In fact, She went because it is a time that nobody else ever goes. If you feel you must scowl, or glower or glare, it is okay. She will not see it. She will not even be aware of your presence, such is the strength of her resolve to 'get this shopping done' and the intensity with which She tends to the children.

Her goal is to get in and out as fast as possible, and while She would love it if her children were silent, complacent passengers on the trip, it is the nature of her children to be loud and in motion, and the mere fact they are in the same aisle as the Woman is an amazing achievement that can only be appreciated by other creatures with multiple offspring.

Random Drug Conversations

My daughter is ten.

Occasionally, we have random drug talks. Along with random alcohol talks, random cigarette talks, and some skirting about the sex talks.

Today was random drugs.

Today's discussion included prescription drugs, her friend's prescription drugs, her friends ADD drugs and the sad sad truth that if her friends started doing drugs, she'd have to say no, and would more than likely lose them as a friend, but it was far more important to be true to yourself, then make the wrong choices your friends make.

I also explained that, no, it is not possible to be friends with your friends if they do drugs, because they would hang out with other kids who do drugs, and when you got together, that would pretty much be what was going on. I mean lets give our kids credit, if we teach them they can say no, then they can. At the same time, lets understand the pre-teen and teen mentality... do as others around you do. This doesn't mean they aren't capable of individuality, but the reality is, they are far more prone to try to be like the kids around them. If you are constantly hanging around kids that do drugs, eventually, you're not going to see the point in saying no.

Also included in this little random chat that she started, was the issue of adults giving their teenage kids and friends alcohol. This is where my rant starts.

I do not believe it is ever okay for an adult to provide alcohol to a kid's friends. I do not want my daughter drinking underage. Will she? Possibly. Will I laugh it off? No, I would have a very serious discussion with her about it. If I sent my child over to a party, where there was parental supervision, to me, parental supervision means there will be no alcohol served. Another parent does not have the right to break the law and provide my child with alcohol. If said parent does that, said parent deserves to be in court. I just don't approve of parents making the decision to serve alcohol to another parent's child, because they think hell, the kids will do it anyway.

Which brings me to 'kids will do it anyway, might as well do it where we can control it.'

Well that's a good attitude. First, your kids 'may not' do 'whatever' anyway, if you as a parent have open discussions and talks. They may actually say 'no thanks.' Second, if your child did do it anyway, doesn't necessarily mean you have to condone it. You could, oh, say, parent your child. You could impart consequences to this action. I.e. you go out and get drunk, you then get grounded., along with a nice nifty lecture on the dangers of drinking at such a young age.

I am not against drinking, just irresponsible drinking, and lets face it, teenagers who drink do not drink responsibly.

My daughter will be confronted with the issue of drugs, drinking, smoking and sex, throughout the course of her teen years. I am teaching her to say no. I am talking to her about how dangerous it is and why. On all four issues. Does this mean she will never drink, smoke, take a drug or have sex? Hopefully, she will say no. But if she does, I, as a parent, will not just shrug my shoulders and say ah well, she's a kid, they all do it. I will address the issue, talk to her about it, explain the consequences and if it's drugs, there will be parental consequences, if it's drinking, the same, if it's sex, yeah, that's a tricky one, but there'd be a consequence, but more of a very serious talk about sex and partners and all that, that one is tricky. Hopefully, she won't get there until she's mature enough to handle it.

I will never, however, help kids drink or smoke or any of that, just because 'they would do it anyway.'

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Lost Inch

I lost an inch.
Not in height.

This from just changing a couple of evening meals around, not snacking so much and eating a healthier breakfast. Well, okay, actually eating breakfast.

The funny thing is, this time around, I don't miss the food that is bad for you. For instance, I can happily eat and ENJOY (gasps) a boca burger (soy burger) and not miss the cheeseburger. I don't like the fries, now that the substance they cook it in won't kill you (no wonder they resisted that change) and since there are no more m and m bags lurking around the house, I'm good.

Since Daddy McRed isn't fussing about the changes, I can add more.


And I'm off the diet coke except for when we eat out or other special occasions or places they don't serve carbonated bubbly water with lemon slices.

So, with all these changes firmly in place, expect to hear me yammer on and on about another inch lost soon.

I am not stopping til I lose two more inches!

... and then when I get there, I will contemplate whether or not it's humanly feasible to go down another inch or two.. I believe in baby steps here.

Oh, and I haven't stepped on a scale. I simply refuse. What good is a scale, but a sad reminder that no, indeed, one is not as lean as one would have liked....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The (soon to be) Healthy Family

Changing eating habits and portion sizes that are questionable to healthy eating habits with decent portion sizes is hard. But I'm learning that once you learn how to do it, it's as easy as maintaining the awful eating habits of before. They key is to not be insane about it. Like, Chili is not going to go away. Stroganoff will no longer be a staple meal, but it will occasionally make an appearance once every few weeks. We won't ever have a box of cupcakes in this house (my ass can't take it) but there will be the occasional cookie. We may never buy chocolate bars (I can't take children after candy) but we will have granola bars and fruit bars and the occasional CHOCOLATE granola bars :).

I've successfully managed to find three 'healthy staple' dinner meals. Bye bye stroganoff, hello salmon and rice. Bye-bye generic boxed meal of processed foods and really fatty meat, hello steak salad. Our third is Mexican Skillet Chicken, which is good for you AND a long time staple in this house. Everyone just loves it.

I need four more, and I'm pretty sure that my 'Northern Bean Italian Salad' is not going to be one of them.... but you can't blame me for trying! I do a chili everyone loves, and that's once a week in the fall, but only once every two weeks here so it's not really a summer staple. I also have a Beef Burgundy Stew which is delightfully healthy and is a fall/winter staple, but again, it's summer. Cooking Light is my favorite (and only) cooking mag that I get seasonally. Betty Crocker's healthy lifestyle cook book is good, too. If anyone has any other suggestions...

The Goal to Eliminate Soda in the Household is going very well. The boys only drink it when someone foolishly leaves a can of, say, Cherry Coke, say, on the table and it's found by a toddler who then drinks half the can before announcing that, hey Daddy, I found your soda.... seeing as the child never has caffeine and is limited in sugar intake, you can imagine the scene that followed about five minutes later until two hours later when he finally collapsed.... We have the last cans of soda to be bought and once those are gone, finito. Nobody really cares. Drama Girl rarely had anything besides Sprite, and even more rarely a coke or diet coke. I'm the Diet Coke addict, but I've stocked up on Lemons and Fizzy Water (it's all about the bubbly for me) and only have three cans left. They are my 'aaaah I NEEEED one...' cans to help. By tomorrow night there will be no more diet coke.

Cereal has never been a problem. They eat whatever is in stock, and again, rarely get Lucky Charms. It's not that I have anything personal against those wonderfully sugary confections, it's just I don't have it in me to handle the insane chaotic beasts that come out of my children when they eat the stuff.

I've also banned M and Ms... from myself. Really, they are too small, and I can not stop myself.... in fact, M and Ms were last week's downfall. I love chocolate, and can usually go with a small bit, but for some reason, M and Ms BEG, INSIST, DEMAND they be eaten...

And for those who are afraid my children will never get to eat yummy, relax. I've got a lazy susan filled with cookie making fixin's.

I just think that MOSTLY we should all eat healthy, with a few indulgences.
Though I think McDonalds is a thing of the past. I used to justify it by saying that children should not be denied those French Fries, but they are horrible now. I know they changed how they cooked them, but now, they taste icky. Wendy's has turkey sandwich club meals now, so that's probably where we will go, especially since I'm no longer eating cheeseburgers (sigh, the sacrifices one makes, do you know how much I love McDonalds cheeseburgers?).

Oh, and yes, margerine is gone, with the diet coke. We use regular butter now, which is fattening but overall healthier than margerine. Plus, since we don't use a lot of butter in recipes, and use mainly canola oil or olive oil (lots of olive oil) it's a better trade off.

Now here is where those who think, BRILLIANT, if Lahdeeda with her cluelessness about organics vs inorganics, and health vs unhealth, and penchant for diet coke and cheeseburgers can do it, with her family who loves all things meat, if she can do it, so can we, well you can, but here is an important trick.

You have to stop shopping once a month.
I shop now once a week. This lets me get all that fresh produce, and just the stuff I need. I actually save money in the long run. I do buy frozen veggies, because I haven't managed to make that trade off yet, and frozen veggies are just as good for you (I think I read that somewhere, so don't quote me, I could be wrong) and cheaper. But only once a week.

This sounds excessive, but if you shop once a month, you can't make salads for dinner past two weeks. You can't use fresh herbs which makes a difference, and all the fruit is gone, too. So you eat healthy the first week or two, and then eat all the other stuff that is bad for you because you have no fresh produce. That was my experience, anyhow. This is why Cotsco is great for meats and frozen things, but not really fresh stuff.

My favorite thing right now is my 'eat veggie and produce' reminder plate.

I have this big plate that is always out, with a few fruits and some produce, and they have to be eaten before they go bad. So, I always throw in a pepper or find something to do with fruit, or something, and ouila, health. ha ha ha.

So, now if I can just get Hubby McRed to actually WALK in the evenings, we'll be good....

.... and I can't wait to see if Yoga ABC from silly to calm actually works on my three year olds... if it is the real deal, I will let you know, and you'll know I'm not lying because frankly, I have no idea if yoga actually works despite all the studies that insist it does.... but if my high energy kids benefit from this, i'll be ecstatic.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ten Pages Done

I finished my ten pages.

By Monday.

Like I said I would.

Woot. Go me.

Still don't have a job though.

Lets hear it for the little accomplishments.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Basic Math

Lets go over some basic math principles.

One household, five people. Two under the age of four, one under the age of 12, two adults.

Five people making messes.
One person cleaning up five people's messes.

One person to Five messes.

Now, one person in this case does not represent a professional cleaner, or rich yuppie woman who can send kids to preschool and summer camps.

One person = caretaker of three children, job seeker, laundry mistress, only person around to break up children's fights etc etc etc.

Clearly, using basic math skills...

The One Person is less than the five messes.

This means that the One Person does not equal Five messes.

Which means, that in order for the Five Messes to be taken care of,

It will take MORE than ONE PERSON to clean up after FIVE people.

Why some do not understand that staying home with three children while looking for a job does NOT equal eight hours of nothing better to do than clean, is beyond me.

However, the simple statement that it takes MORE than ONE PERSON to clean up after FIVE people is a true and factual statement, and disbelief, denial, and sheer obtusity will not change the simple fact. Dance around it all you want, try to rearrange the factors all you want, but in the end, a fact is a fact, and it can not be changed.

Lets just say it one more time, to clarify:

It takes MORE than ONE PERSON to clean up after FIVE people.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

My Poor Grammar

I have noticed, that sometimes, my grammar is atrocious.

It seems, whenever I post about things that distress me (potty training, job hunting) my grammar goes to pot (unlike my sons, who go everywhere but the pot).

So if you see horrendous, atrocious grammar, or absurdly blatant spelling errors or word mis-usage, or just missing words, you can be sure it's because the topic is something distressful.

Yes, you see, my grammatical errors are an extension of the state of my mind, when distressed, the words pour out of me distressfully, and since the true state of this blog is to act as an extension of my mind, doing something so simple as spell check, or self-editing, would be going against the essence of all that this blog stands for....


........ anyone buying it?

This Job Nonsense

I read somewhere that 'the only real way to get a job is to network...'



New place, don't know anyone that works remotely close to my field, no friends, have kids, but no daycare, so can't go galavanting off to networking parties, and am not interested in selling Mary K, Longenberger Baskets, Candles, Usbourne Books, Pampered Chef, Avon or Tupperware. It's just not me. I also hate networking because I feel like a fraud, because there's networking with coworkers and colleagues, and then deliberately networking with complete strangers because you want a job, could care less about them, but want a job.

I'm also not interested in 'working from home' since the kids aren't old enough for me to enjoy that, and I like to come home to a comforting place, not, like, the place where I stress.

Anyhow, apparently, because I have no networking opportunities, I'm destined to never become employed.

Did I ever discuss how much I hate searching for jobs?

It's rather depressing. Yet, for some reason, every other person I know, hits the Job Jackpot the first three tries. With, like, their dream job.

I kid you not.

So tomorrow....

A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go
Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a hunting I will go
A hunting we will go, a hunting we will go
I'll draft a resume and put it in the sent box
And then I'll let it go

A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go
Heigh ho, the dairy-o, a hunting I will go
A hunting I will go, a hunting I will go
I'll spin a tale and call it a cover letter
And then I'll let it go

oh a hunting I will go....

I know, a bit pathetic....

Monday, June 04, 2007

Potty Training, Take 1,365

These are boys. They have a male in the house to demonstrate these things. They have incentives. They have praise. They have two different potties each. Three bathrooms to choose from. Books and trains to entertain them while engaged in pottiness. Potty books, to keep them focused.

Nothing has worked.

I even tried just leaving them in their sopping undies, waiting for the 'ewww' factor. I mentioned these were boys. Apparently, with my boys, there is no 'ewww' factor.

I gave them potty treats, but they just complained they wanted the candy, not the potty.
I gave tons of praise, and they said 'all done' and left, only to pee five seconds later on the kitchen floor.
I RUSHED them to the potty at the first sounds of potty occurrence, only to have them suddenly hold it, cease the grunting, and go run away to poop where I can't hear them.
I tried big boy underwear.
I even tried leaving the water running in the sink hoping it would elicit that tinkling desire... to no avail.
They love the underwear at least.

So, what next? Boy pee pee dolls? Mandatory toilet time? Pee in the Bucket contests?


Simple surrender.

They don't want to potty train on my time table. They don't feel, that at 3 1/2 they should be peeing and pooping in a toilet, fine. Far be it from me to stop them. But there are new rules.

We only wear diapers at night time and going out. This is because, while they feel oppressed by my potty training desires, I feel financially oppressed by the cost of their diapers.

Those of you who can put simple concepts together understands what this means.

Boys with lack of eww factor, training underpants and big boy pants, no absorbent diapers = messes on floor and lots of laundering underpants.


But I have discovered I am content to follow my boys around with a bottle of Resolve and a sponge while they get used to this strange new world of underwear. I figure, at some point, they will get tired of feeling wet, or peeing on their legs and toes, or grow weary of that chafing feel of poop on cotton... and then, then, they will say MAMA MAMA I GOTTA PEE IN THE POTTY.

Until then, there are towels and old blankets on the couch cushions and Resolve is an arms reach away, and I can say 'I'm potty training them' without actually suffering the angst and torment involved in potty training resistant boys....

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Colonial House

I promise, if I ever do a PBS-special and go back in time to 'relive' a historical moment, I will not be one of those goons who whine and wail and moan and cry on the video diaries. "I don't mind living the life of a 1628 Puritanical colonist, but I don't feel comfortable with the religious aspect..."

Ummm. 1628 Puritans were all about the religion, duuuuh.

I mean, this is the period where the Scarlett Letter was written, boring generations upon generations of high schoolers forced to read the book... even the cliff notes version is considered a cure for insomnia... with its heavy religious colonial perspective. It's also the whole 'lets burn some people for witchcraft' era.

I pretty much have been addicted to this PBS series of throwing us modern, creatures of comfort folk into harder, more difficult time periods.

Some of them absolutely whine, though. Now, while I can understand the whining, I would hate to actually look back and say, wow, I totally sounded like a whiner...

Now, if you need someone to go back, and live the life of a pampered wife of a Roman senator or emperor or wealthy landowner, or maybe the life of a wealthy Grecian woman, I'm all there....

Remarkably, this is the first series where they don't whine about not being able to take a bath or shower every day.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Yummy yummy, Steak Salad

There is an effort, half resignation, half optimism, whole commitment, in this household to adopt healthier eating and healthier habits. Hopefully, we'll get around to the evening family walks, but for the moment, it's focused on eating. One must take things one step at a time, and we've already incorporated daddy play time outdoors in the evening.

Salads are very healthy for you. Vegetables, too. The problem is, salads for dinner... look at some of the recipes. Hubby McRed is an avid meat eater, and not prone to excessively exotic salad combinations... thus we may never try the Rasberry Chicken Salad dish... and I have doubts about the Tucsan Tuna Salad, but we'll try them. It's hard to just get it right, especially changing from a heavy pasta/meat/potato eating habit.

Tonight, I found a ten minute success meal.

Steak salad...

Cheap, thin round top steak cooked in light oil, and frankly, I can't wait til we can grill it...
red and green bell peppers and an onion, ditto above,
toss on salad greens.
Toss on dressing.

Watch Hubby McRed stare at it in surprise, then eat it all up.
Watch in even greater amazement as Bear eats two dishes, including the lettuce leaves, and asks for more.
Drama Girl loves greens and leafy things, so I wasn't surprised when she scoffed hers down.

Mark as family staple dish, replacing Stroganoff.

Because that is the ultimate goal, to find replacements for the staples that are healthy. Good-bye stroganoff, hello steak salad.
Good-bye pork chops with mash, hello broiled salmon with long grain rice.
Only five more staple meals to go....

I know, I know, pork chops with mash, yummy, stroganoff, mmm, but they don't need to be staples now, do they?

And I know I know, there are gazillions of households full of healthy happy eaters, so we're a bit slow on the uptake, but it's hard to change it all around.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Just a minor change

So here's my minor change.

It's like a new hair color. By merely changing the template of my blog, I've entered a new blogging phase....

So on that note, here's the official first grown-upp-er blog:

Reflections on Children

Today, for the first time, I've had to consider, that perhaps, my children really don't like me. I used to scoff, I'd say it jokingly, but now, I wonder.... because, if they liked me, wouldn't it stand to reason, that they'd be nicer to me?

If my children liked me, they: would not climb up the stairs on the outside of the bannister, would not jump from the coffee table to the couch, would not empty out my basket full of folded laundry, would not turn the laundry dial to 'perm press' and 'low spin' on a full load, would not eat my lunch and drink my drinks if I happen to step away for two seconds, would not break my nice glassware, would not cry at me, whine at me, cling on me, pull on me, or repeat my words back at me, would play with the football outside, would stop building detailed crash scenes with their trucks and my things, would not jump on their beds.....

Sheesh, says Bear. Sheesh.
Driving me nuts, says Turbo. Driving me nuts.
I'm angry, growls Bear.

So, I look at them, and I think, nah, they must like me... it's just that they are three and a half... they hugged me, and when I asked them if they liked me, they said yup...

.... and then they... throw the pillows off the couch, wear my shoes and lose them somewhere, shut off my computer while I'm using it, open up my printer tray to 'just check something,' run off with my little jewelry box of odds and ends, steal my measuring tape, pull the leaves off the fake tree, and place toy trains in strategic locations meant to cause the most injury to toes....

With residents like these in my home, I fear my blog may not grow up after all....

P.S. I now have a writing blog which doesn't include any useful information for other writers, but is just a place for me to write about um, my writing... but if you're interested in that drivel, check it out.