Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Back from extended hiatus!

The Internet loves pictures.
This is RMNP in the fall.
I know, I do this to you all occasionally, but it's been a whirlwind of a summer, and I said I'd take the summer off from blogging, but then summer extended through into October.  It's been a warm October, and today, one of the coolest days we've had, is only around 70. I should really be outside, and not here :).

Most who know me know I'm embarking on a new adventure of Freelance Writing, not freelance writing, which is casual and vague, but Freelance Writing, which includes a plan of action, an aggressive pitch plan, investment, time, and most of all, a stubborn refusal to give this up before it takes off.

You can visit my first attempt at a website over at www.lisakrebs.com - it's got all the basics, but I'm really hoping to fill out the portfolio page! And, if you know anyone who needs a freelancer writer with a knack for case studies, articles and web content, send them my way.

I won't often blog about the business here, this is really my hiking, running, family, writing space saga website, but thought I'd mention it.