Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer Manifesto

Thanks Denice! Because of you, I have a summer manifesto, too.
It's very short.

Explore our playground!

Hi Bear, please don't fall....

We kicked this first manifest off with a trip to Rabbit Mountain, aka Grasshopper Mountain, on account of the zero rabbits sighted, but the bajillions of grasshoppers leaping into our legs as we climbed.

Bear declared it his favorite trail until today's little jaunt to Heil Valley Ranch, which is now his favorite, but won't be, once we go to the next trail.

Both Turbo and Bear are excited about all these hikes and explorations we're taking, which is exciting for me, because I love getting outdoors finally!

This summer is the first summer I feel I could really do that with the boys, and we're busy picking out new trails to explore daily! I  can't wait to hit RMNP!

Lunch on a rock at Picture Trail

It's a long, dusty road