Sunday, October 23, 2016

Happy Birthday to all of us

I love this picture.

I don't know why it's all fuzzy and blurry, I blame the lighting.

It's Turbo and his Aunt Nikki.
It's cold, and I love this blanket. And my aunti..zzzzzz

It was the 'everyone's fall birthday bash' which is a brilliant idea. The entire lot of us have birthdays between September and December, from Nikki's husband Code and Nikki, Husbear and myself, Drama Girl, and Turbo and Bear. We are all fall births. September through December. So we all get together sometime in October or so, it's only the second year so it's not fully established, and watch the younger kids open up presents. Okay, and us, too... Nikki gets the best cards. I'm hanging hers up on my 'best cards' wall. Also, I don't get cards, so I'm going to put in a reminder to send them all e-cards.... 
Cards aren't my language of love, right? ummm...
This photo though, is great, because there's really a deep affection between the boys and their aunt and uncle. They love Code, too, but somehow I don't have a picture of him. What the heck n crap. Anyhow, here is this dark, blurry, super-adorable pic of Turbo and his aunt.

Happy birthday - find me that mug... you know the one....

Monday, October 17, 2016

The oct. 17th images

I am quickly taking a picture just to take a picture because I said I would. It turns out, though, I'm not outside as much as I think I am in October. Even though it's often nice out. Except today. Today was crazy windy and I had to send my boys chasing after the outdoor toy box that got blown away. They don't even use the toy box anymore. Now it just collects spiders.

This pic isn't a a great one, but it's a great indication of what my nights between now, the season of early sunsets and chillier nights, and spring, the season of endless days and warmth, will consist of.

The outfit I will be doing most of my
writing and revising in this fall and winter.
Is it winter? It feels like it should be winter.

The cat that will watch me write, because his perch is 
right next to my computer, at desk level, and he has 
learned that sometimes, oftentimes, too many times,
writing somehow involves ice cream.

Also, to make up for the craptastic pictures I just posted (is it the lighting? was there a filter? why is it blurry? do I just have blurry vision now?) here are some random lines from the book I'm revising:

“Warning. Warning. Ship functions not fully online” 
The ship kept repeating this over and over as we flew through the hangar door - still in the process of opening - and straight into space. We rolled and tumbled with the high speed acceleration and would have been tossed about the cabin if we weren’t strapped in. The ship’s gravity wasn't working yet and the ship was spinning out of control.  True to Jam’s word, he barfed. I did, as well. My throat burned with the acid left behind. Hennie just closed her eyes and hummed. Figures she wouldn’t barf. Finally, we stopped tumbling and spinning. We were in space and off the OEF ship. Now, we had to flee.

It's not the best passage in the book, but it's one of the passages I need to revise.

Good night all!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Picture-less Sunday

I don't have a picture for today.

Which makes me feel guilty.

So here.

My Sunday night attire includes fuzzy slippers. Imagine that.

After this blog, I'm going to sit down on my couch, prop up my fuzzy slippered feet, and finish Stranger Things on Netflix, which is like, one of the best shows I've seen in a long time.

I'm completely and fully aware of the election coming up in three weeks, as all of us are. My ballot is being mailed to me on Monday, and sometime Tuesday, Wednesday or so I'll get it, and I'll spend the night filling it out not just for president but for all the other myriad issues and candidates on the ballot. I've got a big, thick voting book and the internet. I'm not just checking boxes.

But I did say I'm done talking about it on Facebook.

I don't know if I can go all the way to November not talking about it on Facebook. But I'm going to try.

I'm obsessed with politics right now. I'm obsessed with the electoral prediction maps. I'm enthralled by what is going on in Utah. I'm terrified of orange-haired clowns. I'm disturbed by the threats and hate calls people who express their opinion are receiving - for instance the Republican newspapers endorsing a Democrat for the first time ever. I'm sick of twitter-rage promising civil war. I can't believe Russia is so invested in our election, as if a Russian dictator thinks he can influence the election - which, btw, should be terrifying.

So I'll try my best. I'm avoiding the debate because it's an embarrassment for our country to have to watch. I might watch it because we all like disaster movies. I don't know.

Happy Sunday everyone, we have three weeks to go...

Friday, October 14, 2016

My Friday Night Boys

Well, boy.

But the other boy is doing the exact same thing.

Turbo with headset, whatever game, Overwatch maybe,
and using my coffeemug which I totally said he couldn't use.
Also, that's my waterbottle. WTH kid.

They have a four day weekend - no school today and no school Monday.
There is so much joy in their hearts right now.
I'm not even quite sure why they have the days off, but they don't need babysitters anymore, so I don't really pay attention. It's made my life simpler.

These boys of mine make me smile. Except when they don't do laundry. Or clean their room. Or say annoying things when you're out getting them their favorite pizza and throwing in horrible-for-you pretzel bites filled with cheese and bacon they're like 'Mom can we hurry I'm sick of being here.' 

Mostly, they make me smile.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hello Fall

It's nice to see you around for this short while
before a strong wind comes, and knocks the color
off your branches or maybe a big rain storm will
will cancel your parade of colors.

The light wasn't great. This is fall at later dusk.

You can see the bright of the yellow where the light
of a dusky sun is peeking through. Dusky sun. It's
not even a thing. 

Getting darker.

I like the yellow against the dark bark. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Wednesday, Oct. 12 - blurry boy caught not being blurry!

I didn't take a picture yesterday afternoon. I looked at all the leaves on the trees changing colors, and thought how beautiful they were, but didn't snap a picture. Doh!

This morning, though, I did.

Remember the blur, from the last post?

No! Don't look away!
He's a blur today to.
'Are you trying to take my picture?'
'What, who, me? No.'
He sees the phone.

'oh COME ON kid. It's my project. I just want to take a picture a day this month.'

'um you want to take a picture every day of me?' he says in a voice that indicates his concern for my level of affection, and reinforces his belief that maybe I really am turning into 'that creepy mom' he keeps telling me about, in hopes by discussing his fears, it won't come true.

'NO. I want a different picture every day of different things. Lots of things. Trees and stuff. But just one of you, occasionally. Okay? Just one?"


Maybe he's just blurry in life, too.
"Um, dude, what are you doing?'

"You're making me laugh."

"Can't I have a smile?"


"Okay. There. Why can't you smile?"

"Every time you make your eyes do that thing it makes me laugh and when I laugh I turn away."

"I was trying to get you to smile. Why can't you smile?"

"It makes me turn away."

"Yes, you're very skilled at being blurry in photos."

Fine, alright, go to school blurry man.

Monday, October 10, 2016

This morning's photo

This is a cute photo.

Displaying IMG_2345.JPG

It was taken this morning when I ran out of milk for coffee and had no creamer.
I used whipped cream. So that white foam in the green cup is my creamer :)
The boys' heard that sound of upcoming yumminess, and ran over to where I was, snagging bits of whipped cream off the top of my cup right before they left for school.

One of my favorite times of day is this morning time, between 6:20 and 6:45, when the boys and I are the only ones up, and we're in that in-between time, where they are all ready for school and downstairs scrounging for food and I'm drinking coffee before I get ready for work. It's about 20 minutes of stress-free time for the three of us, and it's our time. We talk about nothing and everything, but not about school or work or chores because there's a full day of that ahead. It's morning. The beginning of the day, and there's no need to do anything other than enjoy the 20 minutes before that beginning.

I grabbed a quick pick. Turbo is in the hoodie, Bear is the blur, because Bear's superpower is running from ever having me take his picture... I was not stealthy enough. He doesn't mind having his picture taken. Just when it's taken by me.

That's my Monday photo!