Friday, December 23, 2005

There are no sugar cookies

Because I burnt them. Anyhow, I also ix nayed the no-bakes for my husband's workplace. Grinch that I am, but hey, I've done a gazillion things already, enough is enough!

My one gripe of the holiday season: doctor's office... "Hi, I need a prescription filled for my daughter, she needs it buy Dec. 22" Response... "No problem, we'll call you when it's done." I wait one day, no call. Next day, I must call them. I call them. "Hi, this office is closed Dec. 22nd, yes that was the day we expected to have your prescription to you, but not now." ARGH. If said person had informed me they were CLOSING that day....

But that is a rant, and this is most definitely not a rant board, it's a thought board.

My thoughts today are happy ones... they run like this...

MUAHHAAAA I am done all my shopping and there is no way, no how that I am leaving my driveway until Dec. 28th MUAHAHAHAHA you last minute Christmas Commuters and Shoppers shall suffer angry holiday revelers trying desperately to buy last minute presents for Great Aunt Greta who is still alive, after all, and nieces and nephews of the boyfriend you think you might one day perhaps marry, but not if you don't act like part of the family now, and those dear dear husbands for whom Christmas doesn't hit the radar til they have 12 shopping hours left between "I Love You" and "Go Sleep on the Couch you Thoughtless, Procrastinating Ass, Good Thing I Already Bought My Christmas Present, After Last Year's Fiasco..."


Happy thoughts :)

Merry Christmas

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