Wednesday, November 28, 2007

37 feels like 29

I understand that the 'feels like' degree underneath the actual degree is wind chill, but it seems silly. It's 37 degrees, but it feels like 29 degrees... I'm in a very good mood, but it feels like a crappy mood.... I ran three miles but it felt like five....

Anyhow, I've applied to a few jobs but it feels like I've applied to a hundred... ha ha ha.

I know that is January's resolution, but I'm getting an early start. I think I mentioned that I generally get, for three months worth of looking, one or two interviews or phone interviews. I'm not going to go into long laundry lists of who I applied to or where, or my networking attempts, or anything like that, but every now and again I'm sure I'll feel compelled to blog about this hunt.

See, it gets under my skin. I start dreaming about it. I dreamt, for instance, that I was hired as a crisis communications coordinator, and that I had to fly to Kansas to help a small start-up hard-drive manufacturer handle their crisis communication plans, mainly contingency plans for what to do in case of tornados, (run to the basement and hide under a mattress?) and how to get their men in the separate shop out of dodge, (secret underground tunnel to basement stocked with mattresses?) as well as corporate scandals that may arise. Now I didn't say the dreams were accurate, but the amount of detail is a bit spooky and they are very weird.

Start up hard drive manufacturer in KANSAS?
With top secret shops (to hide their uber secret that will make them an uber corporation)
The fact the guy had three kids (weird, I know)
And, we all drank amber beer.

Dreams never have to make sense, but it felt a little eerily weird. I woke up feeling like I actually worked!


MommasWorld said...

That was some kind of dream. Maybe since it was so vivid it will come true�and soon! I hope you dreamed they would pay you extremely well.

Lahdeedah said...

In my dream, I was wearing top notch casual work wear... so clearly, they were paying me well.

And, it was flexible.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Do people get paid in dreams?

David said...

There's a good microbrewery in KC (MO) that makes a good amber beer, so that part's believable.

And I bet there are some computer hardware manufacturers in Kansas. Because you never know where they'll spring up, even excluding the factor of outsourcing the actual manufacturing to the Far East.

In any case, that sounds like an interesting setup for a Dick-Francis like mystery/thriller.

Pageant Mom said...

I always feel weird when I wake up from a dream and then really want to go back to sleep to finish it!!!