Saturday, February 09, 2008

Elizabeth the Golden Age

The one thing about On-Demand is occasionally, there's actually a move on it that I want to see.

I thought Elizabeth, the Golden Age, was one of them.
Queen Elizabeth is one of my favorite, strong female role models.

Oh I don't buy into the 'Virgin' Queen bit, I like to think she managed to sneak a guy into the sack every now and again, but that's just a minor thing, over the course of her life and accomplishments, I always admired her place in history, her politcal savvy, her smarts, etc etc etc.

So what does Elizabeth the Golden Age portray?

A love-struck woman who goes half mad over Sir Walter Raleigh, screeching in despair and loves lornless (is that even a word) throes while Spain is getting ready to attack. She cries, she whines, she pouts, and she needs a strong man to set her straight. WHAT! WHAT! Sir Walter Raleigh is the man that sets her straight? WHAT?

Oh what a nice way to take a strong woman and turn her into a wretched whiny bitter loveless hag of a shrew.

I despised that movie.

Oh, and on TOP of that, to make it worse, they put her on horseback looking like an elfin queen from the Tolkien films rather than an actual Queen.

So my review for Elizabeth the Golden Age is..... bleeeaahhhh


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sorry you didn't like it. I saw it at the cinema, and will get the DVD ASAP.

I guess not everybody likes the same movies!

David said...

Very different from the way she was portrayed in the first movie, also starring Cate Blanchett, to which this is a sequel. Strange.

Umm, I can't remember the title of the first movie.

Lahdeedah said...

I LIKED the way she was portrayed in the first movie, and enjoyed that movie a lot.

Ha. The first one was called Elizabeth lol.

Jean-luc, I would have preferred less crying, shrieky scenes with Sir Walter Raleigh.

David said...

The first one was called just plain Elizabeth?

Damn, those movie types are tricky!

I wonder why the portrayal was changed so much.

Kris said...

Hey, I'm Ellisa's friend that lives over in Firestone...she sent me to your blog. :)

I saw Elizabeth and just get so sidetracked by the hair I can't focus! I was waiting and waiting for them to let her hair down like she had it on the cover of the DVD and then it only lasted 2 mintues! Yea, she kind of came off as a big baby...liked the 1st one way better.

Lahdeedah said...

Her awful short hair drove me nuts!
And when they do let her let her hair down, it's in this silly scene where she's all warrior chick all of a sudden! Drove me nuts!

Glad El sent you over here! I've never been to Firestone... though it's just down the road.