Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Employment -- welcome back to work


Five years I stayed home and took care of Turbo and Bear, and Drama Girl.
Five years, while I stayed home taking care of them, being the stay-at-home-mom of these kids, I went to school.

I've gotten my masters. I'm finishing up my M.B.A.

And I have a job.

I start in January, and while I'm happy I have a job, truthfully, I have a lot of mixed feelings.

It's not the ideal job, it's not the job I would have wanted to go back to work for, but I am taking it because jobs are quite quite scarce.

It is the first job where there seems to be little amounts of freedom and creativity. They did mention there would be creative latitude in the job, but we'll see.

It's further away than I'd like -- I hate driving at night, and I hate driving in the winter. I'll be driving at night in the winter because the hours are... off-hours. I get off work at 7.

Saying all of that,

It'll be good to make a paycheck again.
I'll still get the kids off to school in the morning.
It seems like a job I can leave at the office.

It's just that, I had jobs before that were cushy, nice, jobs, and I wonder, is this the right job?

Now, clearly, I'm not wondering so much as to turn it down. Not an idiot, here... The second income is going to help us, it's going to be nice knowing I can work, it's a start into a new career that will potentially lead me to exactly what I had before, only in a field I like.... but... I'll miss being a stay at home mom, and I"ll miss having a creative job and I'll miss all sorts of things I'm not aware of right now. I'll certainly miss the freedom!

It's a new thing, on a new road and I have no plans for it. I have no idea where it will lead me, if anywhere. It's an unknown.

Honestly, though, I don't know if I should be receiving congratulations or condolences!!!!

I will, however, be going shopping for new clothes.


David said...

Probably both congratulations and condolences.

And added congrats for being able to get a job in the current climate. When that climate changes, you may find it easier to mold the job to your liking. Or to jump to a better one.

Those hours are going to be tiring and quite an adjustment, though.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Congrats on your new job. None of them are perfect. Hope you get the chance to expand soon.

elisa beeson said...

well, as i dry my eyes, i'll try and offer have been an unexpected rock to lean on and i really truly appreciate you! You are gonna flourish - i just know it! i guess stubbornness pays off in the end after all ;) i promise not to cry myself to sleep every night...hahaha

Edward said...

Creative latitude? In this particular job? They talking about when you can eat and what you can eat?

Anyway, congrats on the job...and nothing says you can't keep "looking" for a better job while you're there.