Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Usually it's a whisper

Sometimes, once in a great while, the universe shouts at you. This isn't ideal, because the universe is vast and big, so when it shouts, things break and people get hurt. It's best to not have to make the universe shout.

Usually, the universe just whispers. It whispers inside you. Sometimes, others pick up on the whisper, and echo it back to you, but usually it's because the universe is whispering to others that whatever it's telling you to do is a good idea, and the universe thinks you're fairly obtuse so enlists the help of others.

It's easy to miss the whispers, which is a shame, because the whispers are your guide, your clue, your map through life. There's so much noise outside of us, around us, through others, even others who mean well, telling us what our path is, how to get there, when to get there, when we have an opportunity and when we miss an opportunity, what we should do and should not do, what to strive for, what to do to get there, and they're all wrong, well-intentioned, but wrong. If we all embark on our true journeys, and work to our true paths, then walking the roads all others have walked will only get us to the popular destination everyone else arrives at, not the roads we were meant to travel, not the destination we wish to arrive at.

It's only the faint echo, the slow stirrings, the whispers deep in a place in you that goes deeper than your physical being ever can, that whisper, that voice, is truth. It's not a gut-feeling, not at all. Gut feelings are not infallible. No, the whispering voice, it's a gut-knowing, and it truly is infallible. Gut feelings make you instantly react to something. A gut knowing makes you turn down something that seems so right, in favor of something so uncertain, with no doubt or second thoughts.

If you hear it, if you heed it, only if. The universe doesn't speak in complete sentences. It translates to us as vague stirrings and knowings that become clearer to us as we hone in and begin to listen, to understand its language.

The universe has been whispering to me for some time, and I knew it was saying something, and I did try to listen, but I had things to take care of.  One of the boys is having a hard time at school and needs a lot of help, I can't find a good sweater to buy and my office is getting chilly now that the weather is turning, I didn't do laundry, I haven't lost ten pounds, the children want to be fed and I'm managing a tight budget that is manageable  with effort and by the way, my house is a mess... but I knew it was whispering at me, and I tuned in a bit, and my friend picked up on this whispering, and echoed it, and I made a small choice.

And then, just as I did so, it came, the knowing, that gut-knowing, that this small choice was one small choice that can only lead to other choices, it's a choice that set me on a different course. It was the right choice.

Sometimes, we don't know when we make a choice the impact it will have later.  Sometimes, when me make a choice, the universe sighs in relief and contentment. It no longer has to try to reach you.

Think about your dreams, and the small choices that take you there, and listen for the whisperings, the voice that will get you there. 

***What choice? Honestly, it's too insignificant of one to even share, it's just... a seed planted really.***

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