Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Images in blogs, boys out of school and someone needs practice interviewing

Images matter in blog posts.

Loot Crate - catering to the people with the real power - whoever
so shall cook, so shall be the keeper of the Infinity Stones, whether
he-she be a he or a she or a thee - but definitely not a me, because
I am not really a cooker person. Cereal is for dinner.

That’s why you’re looking at the Infinity Gauntlet, now used in cooking. Thank you, LootCrate.


The boys are out of school for the summer. WOOT!
They have both had one of their best years ever. If I knew a few years ago what I know now, I think I would have made different choices. I wonder how things would be? I wonder mostly if it’s ‘okay’ now that they’ve had a good year, if some of the insecurities and esteem of the past few years have been repaired. I hope so. I wonder why I didn’t recognize some of this sooner, and then I remember, I did, I just calculated poorly and mis-weighed the benefits.
I can’t believe they are going to be 7th graders at the end of this summer.


I am not a rock-star interviewer. It’s a sad truth that at least I can accept. I have a friend who’s agreed to help me practice for future interviews - not only does she sometimes interview people, but she’s not nice and will tell me when she loses interest in hiring me. Then I will get grumpy at her. But I'll also probably interview better.

I am slowly making progress on getting better at interviews simply because I've been on a few. Still, I don’t know what it is, but I just haven’t hit my stride yet. I am a big believer in Liz Ryan’s motto that when you remember to be human and focus on the problems the interviewers need solved, than you’ll get the job. She is my inspirational virtual cheerleader. She doesn't even know it. I just read her stuff and feel better.

I am getting closer, I think, but I still always leave the interview thinking, I can’t believe I just said ‘insert whatever stupid comment I made…’ I think there is always one thing I say that i’m like DOH Take it back, take it back! Of course you can’t and it just hangs in your head, that one thing you said… til the next interview, when you say something else… ha ha.

Liz Ryan would say, it’s okay! Make a note. Learn from it. It’s okay if you want that job but didn’t get it, it’s not the only one! And you don’t really know until you’re in it… so. It’s all fine.
Liz Ryan is my hero. Penelope Trunk, too, though she’s a bit abstract.


I went for a jog today, and had to walk, ugh, because cookies. Which is why I charged up my fitbit and reinstalled My Fitness Pal. Because cookies, while often delicious, are rarely helpful.

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