Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Summer round up! Nothing exciting to read here. (No, really... there isn't)

What? It's been almost a month!

My sons have left the house early for their walk to school so they could climb a tree on the way.

I just love that they are leaving early just so they can have time to do that. I love that they discussed it, planned it, and are excited about it. Climbing a tree... to have such dreams :)

Time flies in summer, especially the end of summer, when school is beginning and family life gets hectic.

Some fun things I learned about myself this summer:

Kombucha - of course I was going to try it. My kombucha phase lasted about a quarter of a bottle of cranberry lavender kombucha. It's just not my thing. Love the fizz, but I don't love it enough. Maybe I need to try other flavors. Or maybe I can just stick to sparkling water. (I know Connie, I know you don't know what it is.... lol it's okay - you're not missing much!
Yeah yeah, it's a picture of my morning work out ensemble. But
only because blogs need pictures. I heard it was a rule.

Body pump - this is my new workout and I looove it. Love it. Love. It is all bar weights and movement. It mixes up real well with my Tues/Thursday/maybe Sunday runs. I go Wednesdays and Saturdays, and want to add a Monday, but not quite there yet.

Body flow - A yoga mix class with some pilates and very basic tai chi movement. This is great the day I do body pump because it stretches every muscle I used.

Audible books - Listen to novels on the way to work! Doesn't get better than this. Except I'm reading Atlas Shrugged, which is eternally long, and I think I need to take a break from it, or maybe listen to it like twice a week... why is it so loooong?

My son's budding art talent - So much drawing. So much artwork. He's in art this year too, so it'll be interesting to see how he incorporates some of what he learns in his own work.

My other son's discovery of academics - Looks like we're in another year where he's loving school. He's upped his classes a level, and so far, not a word of complaint about the workload and he's still loving science!

Girl child's two jobs - I'd like her to have one full time job, but for now, this will do. It gives her money, gets her out of the house, and teaches her all sorts of things, like how if you don't have money, you can't buy anything, and how even if you work, you can still not have money... hmm...

My new job - So far, I'm really really enjoying the people I work with and the work I do. I know I know, I'm still in the 'new job honeymoon' phase, but so what, I'm enjoying it!

15-minute walks on Pearl Street  - By far my favorite part of my work location. I love just stepping out onto a cobblestone pedestrian bypass and strolling up and down people-watching.

Writing - Oh migosh. I know I know I'm still working on my revisions, but I'm also outlining my next novel and I'm excited about it.

That's pretty much it. I'm hoping to blog more frequently but honestly, I've pulled away from social media as strictly a hobby, and while this isn't 'social media' per se, it's not a life long ambition for me to be a blogger. So yeah, less tweets, less Facebook, less paying attention to a social media culture that changes every two seconds. It's fun, yeah, but it's a time drain. When I become a successful published author who needs a platform because I have an actual reason for a platform, then well, then I'll be more frequent.

Because I'm totally one day going to be a published author who needs a platform. Maybe lol. My question of the year is 'How will I become a successfully published author.' :)
I'm not at all stressing it. It's just a 'wouldn't it be nice...' thought.

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