Saturday, January 14, 2017

I know, it's been a while. Just look at the cat pictures.

I know, I know, it's been a while.
Here's my Bounder's adorable face that hides his kinda jerk-ish nature. Except now, because he's so old, he's kind of nice by default. He can't bound anymore, like he used to. Oh how I miss those days when we played that game where we'd wait for me to sneak into the bedroom where he was hiding under the bed, and we would see if he could leap out and attack my legs before I could jump onto the bed from five feet away… fun times… He can't do that anymore. Now he just sits on the couch or bed next to me and gets pets.
Of course I'm judging you. Also, where's my food, and can I
rest my entire 20 pounds of awesome on top of your chest?
You don't really need to breathe that much, right?
Here's Cogsley. He's cute. That should distract you. He doesn't jump out and attack anyone though he has been known to chase a bug or two.

If he looks like a kinda mad professor, he's not, but he is very fluffy and soft, and kinda prissy, and exceptionally chatty and needy. But he's not my cat, he's Husbear's, so he spends his days demanding Husbear talk to him, pet him, play with him, and entertain him.
I have never met a more high maintenance cat.

As for not being on the blog, It's because for a few months, I had to take a short break from social media - I was spending far to much time socializing and getting anxious and worked up that I stopped doing the things I enjoyed.

Like, the quilting, baking, writing, (not enough writing), organizing house, yearly decluttering (right, I haven't actually started yet, but I have DREAMED about it, and planned it) and all the other things that social media and streaming shows like Grimm make it impossible to do.
This is the quilt I started in like, 2015. I think. Anyhow, I said I would finish it in 2016 after not finishing it in 2016. I'm slow with quilts, and that's okay. It's a hobby that I do when I've hit my limit with writing and need to take a break.

I've got the fabric (most of it) and am ready to start this year's quilt, but I'm thinking I want to make a full, queen size quilt so I might need more fabric.

These are the deep thoughts I think, and it makes me happy that they aren't that deep. I save the deep thoughts for writing.

Writing, yes, where am I with that? Well, I've been procrastinating the last revision, because it struck me, I need to get rid of a character that is pretty much in every scene. But she does nothing. So she has to go. Ugh. So sad.

But it's okay. It's writing.

Then, there's also this place that I work. I've only been there six months, but I like it. I like the work. I like the people. I like the culture. I like the values. I like the sense of giving back and meaning. I like the location. It's a very different culture and vibe than my last gig (skipping the year of trying the freelance business,). This is the location:

It snows every day there, because I work in a snow globe. It's awesome. I've always wanted to work in a snow globe. I can't wait til July. It'll be really fun then.

Anyhow, it's on Pearl Street, and Pearl Street is gorgeous, so it's always nice.

I don't even have anything much to say today, just wanted to say 'hi' to everyone, and leave it at that. Oh, and to give you some updated cat pictures, and to let you know that you must never, ever, call my son Sparky, because apparently that is not okay.
Right now Bear (who can not be called Sparky) is actually reading the instructions for his screen editing software because he wants to do classy, professional looking game narration videos because that is totally a thing. I dread it because I'll have to monitor his youtube account for mean comments.

Now this is my cat. Hiding his cute adorable face. He's old. So old. Okay, only 15 years old.
This is Bounder. He's 15 and old. And hiding his face
because he just can't… just caaaannn't.

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