Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hello friends, I'm back again :)

I've come to the astounding conclusion no one actually cares if I lose weight or not.

Oh sure, if I lose a noticeable amount, they'll say 'oh you look great' or 'are you ill?' but then, they'll quickly move on, because they don't really care.

It's true. I know you don't care if I lose weight, oh sure, you'll root for me and say well-done, but I don't look SO very different with the =/- ten pounds to everyone.

Except me, but I stopped obsessing over it. Oh okay, slightly. I'll get a new fitbit, I'll enjoy salads, but for me its' a yearly ritual. Plan to lose twenty pounds overall, lose ten pounds over the summer, gain ten pounds over the winter... etc.  This year, I'm going to try to lose twenty pounds between now and next winter, and not gain any, but I'm not losing sleep over it.

Writing - I am working on a rough draft of a new work, which I'm excited about, but I started writing it at 5 a.m. and it made me sad, so if I do it right, it's a tear jerker people. This does pose a problem, though, because at the same time, I've got my Sci Fi YA novel first draft and second draft done. After my supreme reader friend read it and pointed out the issues with it, I was like 'Forget it' because I didn't think I could fix them, they're not BIG just timely.  But the characters won't leave me alone, which tells me the story needs to be told. Luckily, it's not a first draft, and it just needs revising, which is different than the free-flow writing of a first draft, but it's a lot of writing, and it's two different stories. If I seem to be in several places at once, it's because I'm living in this world while in my head I'm split between two others.

I re-read some inspirational writing quotes, and those always help. It also helps that I'm writing so early in the morning. I begin the day feeling I've accomplished the most important thing, the thing that keeps my sanity in check. I know I'm a writer, and I know if I don't write, I become miserable, unfocused, untethered, and generally discontent. I'm most at peace when I'm writing. It's the same with running/jogging/wogging whatever, the difference is, I could live without the jogging/running, but I don't think I could live without the writing. The running helps the writing, but the reverse is not true.

I'm very chatty today. It's because over the past few months, my mind has been off somewhere sorting stories and words and things out, while in my life, I've been sorting and working things out.

My 20 year old is out of the house now, on her own and all that. My sons are teenagers that have their own rooms, opinions, and ideas of what to do with their days. My husband is happy in his job. I'm happy in my job. I've got a dog to walk and who I'll eventually hike and run with. I'm hoping for a calm season of writing and hiking and laughing.

But lots of writing.

And tuna eating, I think.

I know I should add a picture to this blog, but I think I'm overdoing it with the dog.
I dislike the dog intensely. My ear is inflamed and red and no one
knows why. I'm 15 years old, which means I can be old, cranky,
and overall, an asshole. I've earned it through longevity.

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