Monday, August 20, 2007


That is me :)

I've been blogligent.

It's just that school starts early here, and so last week was spent doing last minute school shopping, a couple of days visiting the Manitou Cliff Dwellings (cool) Joe Buckskin Frontier Town or Something (kids loved it) and some caves.

I've also created a New Writing Commandment.
Thou Shalt Not Do Anything Til Thoust Hath Written 1,000 word or more.
This Includeth Dishes.

This actually works, except for today, but today was Drama Girl's first day back to school.

I celebrated this day by not doing my morning Wogging or Exercising, the dishes, or anything else that normally needs to be accomplished.

First day back to school for kid, Lounge goof off day for mom.

Never mind Turbo and Bear, they have been pesky all day, but haven't really noticed their sister is gone. Except for Turbo who is upstairs laying down with a particularly foul mood of unknown origin.

Hubby McRed suffered a flat tire today, so he has my truck. Which means even if I were inclined, I couldn't do any errands. Aw, shucks.

It's quickly turning into afternoon, however, so time to write those thousand words, do those dishes and discover the source of Turbo's foul mood.


MommasWorld said...

Hip hurray for the first school day!! You know Moms all around the country were doing a little jig after breakfast.

My little jig will be next monday morning. Um, maybe not. What changes in my schedule is all that time in the evening doing homework. The first day of school is the worst for parent homework. I hate filling everything out 5 gazillion times. Oh well, such is life.

David said...

That's "thou hast," not "thoust hath."

But it's not important, because I'm sure you write in modern English. At least, I hope so!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

We should all go with the Writing Commandment.

MommasWorld said...

Just checking in on you :-)

Hope all is going well and you are having some fun.