Thursday, October 04, 2007

Kids and Rooms

So I've given this a lot of thought.

Drama Girl is almost 11.

Where do I stand on room cleanliness?

It seems to be a physical impossibility for her to keep her room clean.
There are many people who say that having a clean room helps clear the mind, that they feel better when their houses/rooms are clean.

This does not seem to apply to my daughter.
Drama Girl has a simple rule to follow.

I need to be able to see the floor.

In order to allow me to see the floor, she has shoved everything into the closet or in boxes behind her chairs.

When I was doing her laundry, her rule was to also fold and put her clean clothes away neatly in the closet. This was so I wouldn't redo her laundry over and over... which has happened on many occasions. But, after months of re-washing clean clothes, I gave her a crash course in laundry, and now she does her own. I give her 50-50 odds on whether or not the clothes she washes are actually dirty, and the ones she wears actually clean, but you see my dilemma.

It's her room, I can see the floor, should I just give in, and let her exist in that pile of clothes, art projects, books and junk, occasionally handing her a garbage with instructions to throw out ten percent of the junk, and just let her have her little refuge al a crappola? Let her exist in that pit, buried between American Girl books, tween mags and clothes?

Maybe just a sign on the door that says 'this room not representative of the house' or 'quarantine, do not enter' and call it a day?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

See the floor? You are tough!

Pageant Mom said...

ooooohhhh this IS a tough one.

However. I have been systematically making my kids clean stuff out. Then systematically not letting them bring anything IN. We have rubbermaid containers for art/papers they want to keep - and if those don't make it into that or the scrapbooks.....

Eventually somebody's going to catch on.

House RULE:
one bag IN two bags OUT

That includes everything - trash, goodwill, borrow/loan, groceries, clothes etc.

It's amazing just how much cleaner it got around here! ('til somebody realizes what's going on LOLOLOL!!)