Monday, July 21, 2008

Hot Diggidy Dog

Oh dear.

It is July, and can someone please tell me, where the school supply lists are this year?

I can't seem to find mine for my daughter, and while I'm certainly in no rush to send Drama off to Middle School and introduce Turbo and Bear to pre-Kindergarten, sometimes, I like to look at the school supply lists.

It makes me happy, especially during these dog days of summer (who knew the Romans blamed the constellation Sirius for the hot, oppressive days between July and August?). And these are the dog days of summer... too hot for my liking. The sun just sort of beats down on you and every breeze is the sort that brings heat and fire and misery. Why, it's a wonder I didn't just fall down halfway through my walk with Crazy, what with all the hot winds and burning sun.

And perhaps, perhaps I exaggerate slightly, but not by much. It's dog-panting weather out there, and no rain in sight except for an overly optimistic rain cloud last Saturday night that finally dispersed.

Oh I know, I know, waah waah waah, I live in Colorado, the dog-days of summer pass as quickly as they go, but I live in the moment, and let me tell you, this moment is hot, oppressive and the reason why I will never live in the Southern Hemisphere. Unless it's like, on the beach, or in one of the micro-climates where somehow it never gets above 75.


David said...

If by Southern Hemisphere you mean the northern part of the Southern Hemisphere, then I agree with you. On the other hand, the southern part of the Southern Hemisphere is similar in many ways to the northern part of the Northern Hemisphere. If you see what I mean.

I still remember South Africa as a wonderful place. Those are adolescent memories, but still. Southern part of the Southern Hemisphere, ya see.

Lahdeedah said...


So my excuse is I wrote this pre-coffee...

I do mean the northern part of the southern hemisphere, as in the Southern parts of the United States.