Sunday, August 25, 2013

A little bit of this and that

Fall prep:

Of course, it's time to start ushering Fall in, way earlier than its actual arrival!This is the time I start pretending it's cold, cloudy and dark even though it's sunny and in the high 80s, low 90s for at least another month, and it's never actually 'not sunny' in Colorado - 300 days of sunshine a year - but trying to force my favorite season in is just something I can't stop doing. This afternoon, during some serious lounge time, I planned out my fall purchases, scoped out some boots and picked out my winter running pants, because of course I'm going to run in the winter.

There's been a bit of this and that going on besides fall not actually being here yet:

A bit of this:

Flipping out during first week of school (child) because summer was a time of Freedom! Sunshine! Vending machines at the local swimming pool! Barefeet - it's okay to not know where your shoes are! Soft grass. Lazy strolls. Late nights. Luckily, teachers know how to ease kids into the school year. Bash had math homework the first day. He's in 4th grade. Flip-out!

What, Drama Girl is a JUNIOR? PSATs - wait, she can't stand school or tests. Drivers Ed! No! Not yet! I know, I know, but ever since I read an article talking about how today's teens don't care about driving, I stopped stressing it. Mostly, she's trying to be a good student this year. Go Drama Girl!

I've been using My Fitness Pal wrong (explains a few things)

I got a fitbit flex on Wednesday and have become a little OCD about steps, the dashboard, the sleep schedule, the gentle alarm that doesn't buzz in your ear,  and the little fun feature of 'how much more can you eat.' 

Today, at the height of OCDness, I walked around the grass field-lot-grassy-place just so I could hit 20,000 steps. I've studied the dashboard fanatically, and have set myself on a 'kinda hard' weight loss plan. Fitbit counts all the calories you burn, even the ones you burn just by existing. Tonight, I'm not going to 'sleep' until I burn 200 more calories by sheer existence and accomplish my goal!

A bit of that:

Everyone - Husbear, Bash, Turbo, Drama Girl - abandoned me on my hike this morning, so I did a 4-mile loop at waipiti. Know who I saw? My neighbor. How random is that? He was trail running, which made me cranky because, duh, I was all alone, why wasn't I trail running? I carried on hiking though, and the trail was packed with friendly mountain bikers - they're always mostly friendly. It's like, the best place to meet guys. I don't know why single girls aren't all over this opportunity. They don't go very fast on the uphill . Easy catches, is all I'm saying.  

I realized today I've only swam once this ENTIRE summer, when we were in Yellowstone. WTH? So now I'm going to make it my winter sport, because that's logical. I even researched heart rate monitors I can swim with.

I'm way behind on project life. I'm going to do a few 'summer was here, and now it's gone and we're in school and I'm super busy so can't take pictures' pages and call it good.

This is the first time in a long time that, at the end of August, I'm still kinda okay with it being summer still.... kinda.

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