Saturday, August 03, 2013

Moments to Years to Memories - reason enough to capture today

On the two-week-final-mad-dash spree before school starts, I'm taking this time to reflect on how, OMIGOSH WTF I'VE BEEN HERE SIX YEARS - the only time I"ve lived somewhere longer was when I was a child and spent 12 years in one place - and on how much my children have grown, how much life has changed, but kinda runs on the same theme - days in, days out. 

Moments in days quickly turn into passing years, into memories - some forgotten some remembered, many cherished. 

I'm going to drag people down memory lane briefly.

Six years ago, it was August, we've been in Colorado a few months. My sons terrorized the grove as part of a gang of unruly, wild preschoolers.

They were puffy bellies with pudgy arms and short pudgy legs and bright eyes and big laughs. They still wore diapers. They wanted to be carried, hugged, cuddled, and then they wanted to run away and live in the tree out back (Turbo, mostly, rarely Bear).

Right now, I'm watching Turbo devour the contents of my refrigerator. His lanky legs sticking out from too-short swim trunks that are somehow still too baggy. His face is narrow, he has a couple of cute freckles on his face we don't talk about, and he no longer climbs into my lap on the stairs to hang out and have a good morning hug. 

His brother, Bear, is muddling through a box of LEGO upstairs. I can hear them.  I saw him for three minutes this morning, so he could tell me he was lvl 33 in Wizards 101 and can't fight some boss in some watery place, and there's a problem with the game being glitchy, perhaps because Dad was hogging the Internet, because he and Turbo couldn't get into the same instance. Then he left. He has a bit more softness than his brother, but he's just as lanky - his limbs and torso protrude from a mass of shoulder-length hair. I hear the voice that pronounces words, but rarely see the mouth from which the words come. 

Drama Girl is going to be a junior in High School. Her room is still messy. She still loves singing and has ridiculously long hair. She still also loves Disney and princess dresses, and knows all the lines from The Lion King.

Husbear? New industry, new career, new everything.
Me? Working at the school my sons go to, so I can be home when they are home, still a writer, writing away.

And some of you are thinking, what brought this on? (Okay, maybe you're not thinking that, but I was!) I read a horoscope, right, cuz who doesn't do that for fun, and it mentioned something about what were you doing six years ago. 

I was blogging. I was writing. I was raising little boys and a little girl. I was an East-coast to North-West transplant hanging out in the Colorado sun going wow, this place is weird, doesn't that yellow blobby thing in the sky ever go away?

Then I looked at Turbo devouring the contents of my refrigerator, again. (I know, it's only been like, ten minutes from the last time I mentioned it).

Where have all the babies gone? In the moments of those days that quickly turned into passing years, into the memories, some forgotten, some remembered, so many cherished.

Happy Almost School Time!

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RainyPM said...

I was feeling nostalgic tonight too. Bring back the babies!