Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I Tai Chi

I like to think it's trendy of me, but it's not....

All the cool people are in yoga.

The thing I am discovering about Tai Chi is that it's kinda addicting.

I try to do the form, and find myself wanting to do it again, to fix it or tweak it, and then, to do it again because I like it, and again because it's fun and again because it's calming, and then I look and I've just been practicing for like 20 minutes.

It helps now that I have each move take a breath. And also, there aren't too many steps right now!

I you-tubed the form, but couldn't find the one we're learning, just pieces of it, but I"m SURE I'm doing the last bit wrong.

So not the point.
I enjoy, actually enjoy the movements. I can pretend I'm waaay more graceful than I am! And it looks cool.

I know it looks cool because my Bash thought it looked cool, and if an almost-ten-year-old boy thinks it looks cool, it must be cool.... right?

Then again, he is also the one who suggested we meditate together.

Sometimes, though, he just likes to think of Minecraft.

That's really all I have to say, which is funny, because this morning, I had about 12 things I was sure I wanted to write about!

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