Sunday, October 06, 2013

silverware, mindfulness and not so much..

I wanted to be deep today, and meaningful. I was going to write something mindful, too. Deep, meaningful, mindful, all present together... 

But I can't, because right now my husband is cackling, screaming and gleefully singing tribal victory war chants. Apparently both his 'home team' and his 'fantasy league' team are doing quite well. Mostly, the tribal bellowing is annoying me.

Except that's not really the reason i'm not being deep. It's just a reason to be annoyed and an excuse to not be mindful "I can't be present, the present is very loud and bellow-y."

 I'm not being meaningful or deep,  or even mindful, because I'm currently wondering about the fairies. I believe in fairies, but not the fairies that live in meadows and flowers and trees, they may exist, but those aren't the ones I'm talking about.  I don't know where the fairies I'm talking about live. I imagine they live in a tree designed by Crate and Barrel, or a butterdish-shaped land of silver and mis-matched china. I imagine the slight fairies dancing around all the spoons and tupperware bowls they have stolen from my home.

Just the spoons, today, though. I gave up on tupperware a while back.

I don't know where they are. The spoons, they've all disappeared. I never find them, either. I secretly suspected for the longest time my children took off with them, but I've been through their rooms, no spoons, or tupperware. No idea where they are. It must be the fairies. Like with socks, only instead of the sock-eating monster that lives in the vent, it's fairies. I don't question the sock-problem anymore, I'm fairly satisfied it's the monster in the vent.

Except I really need a spoon.

But this spoon issue, and the related tupperware bowl/container issue, has stopped my progress on the dishes, because it was while I was doing the dishes I realized all the spoons seem to be disappearing again, and that made me wonder about fairies that stole silverware, and reminded me I also have tupperware container fairies, and then I had to stop doing the dishes so I could consider what this all means and ask anyone, anyone at all... are the tupperware fairies a different type of fairy than the silverware fairies?

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