Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 is just a number change

Even though the New Year is for all intents and purposes a celebration of a calendar turning over, it still represents a new start. It's silly really, a new start can begin any time a person chooses to head in a different direction.

Still, it's a good time as any to make a holiday of it, and to reflect on it with friends and family and drinks and for those who still stay up past midnight, watching the clock turn to midnight.

I'm not a resolutions person. More like a goals person. But I have my list for 2015 already.

More of the same as the past few years, with some tweaks. So here's the obligatory 'what resolutions/goals do you have.'

  • I want to pick up trail running this spring. I wanted to last spring, but for some reason I never did. This year, I'll be able to.

  • Writing daily. Increase it to a daily habit. I'm beginning work on a second story,  something different, something bigger. The one advantage to not being a published author is that I can play in whatever genre I want. (See? See how I turned around not being a published author into a good thing?) I don't have to use the book that sold last as a guide to what book I should write that will sell next. 
  • Finish painting the last of the house. I anticipate that once this is done, we'll end up moving. We've never lived in a house we've completely painted much longer after it's painted.
  • Aside from the writing, I'm insisting on time for other things I want to do. Photography. Finishing a quilt. Attempting to sketch. This week I'm going to go for a walk and take pictures of things I think are interesting in my neighborhood using my wide-angle lens. I haven't used it nearly enough.
My two weeks of off-work has almost come to an end.  I managed to spend a week of it resting because I had a  crazy crazy cold, and this week getting a few projects done that I wanted to complete before January. Not really looking forward to going back to work (a common problem, I assume), but I have a resolution around that as well, so we'll see.

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