Sunday, January 11, 2015

Sundays are my favorite days

For the most part, they are.

Today was a taste of warmer weather - almost spring. I am missing running, but I am not convinced the sidewalks are ice/snow free yet, and I don't have good ice-running shoes.

I was having some minor issues with my story, but as with most stories, the kinks work themselves out. I did say I wanted to take on a more ambitious project, one that included some world building, and I did, and it is ambitious. It is also fun.

The days when I'm writing and my story is coming together, those are the days I know exactly why I write.

And, as I worked so much on my story, I have little else to share here!

My mind is not my own, in the midst of a story. It belongs to  my characters, and my concerns mirrors theirs, my wants and desires theirs. The words and worries and stories they are living become real, an entire world in my mind and an entire world outside my mind.

It is very easy to sometimes be caught in the wrong one.

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