Sunday, February 15, 2015

Fedoras and pink gingham

We all know that Bear likes pink. He always has. His first quilt, his 'fish dee dee' had a lot of pink and fun bright pastel shades in it. I must have instinctively sensed his color preferences while he was in the womb. Turbo's was far more not pink. Bear had Hello Kitty rain boots at two (and three, and four) pink hat and gloves at six and seven. And eight and nine. Pink pajamas at ten. A bright, hot pink hoody at 11. The cover image on the blog, this one? That is Bear.

We all wish we had his hair. 

We roll with it. It just so happens that the color also looks great on him. We like to think he just truly appreciates color in a way other children don't. He has a good sense of what goes with what. He woke me up once, with a piece of paper smudged with several shades of blue, yelling, "Look, Mom, look how many shades of blue there are!" The pink thing is just a phase he's had since he was, well, two...

This is also Bear. Hippie Bear.
I fully suspect that at some point this spring/summer, my bright pink running hat will suddenly be making appearances on Bear.

Turbo is really good about it. He just shrugs when Bear shows him the things he likes and says 'it's like a girl.' Bear says 'I don't care' and Turbo shrugs back and says 'Lets go to 7-11.'

He also loves the new pastel rainbow shades that are coming out in sneakers and clothes. The new return to the 80s vibe. If pastels make a roaring come back, fashion-wise, he'll do really well. I'm dreading it. I never liked the sparkly rainbow hued fashion themes that hit in the early 80s, and don't think I could handle too much of those soft sweet cotton candy and ice cream shades. I never cared for pastels. That was when I went into my crazy bright neon color phase. I had a long skirt with bright clocks all over it.  It was all the pastels fault. That's when my sister got into Motley Crue and horrid eye liner. We both have our fashion scars...

Right now Bear is running around in neon rainbow printed socks, pink gingham pants and a black fedora.

Because Bear.

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