Saturday, February 07, 2015

Writing Ramblings from a Saturday night

I'm writing and blogging.

Mostly writing but sometimes the words flow so fast I need to pause, absorb them, and then write.

There's a picture, because, everyone knows, blogs need pictures!

This is a piece of my writing desk. It's a bit disheveled. I should clean it. See? I've got a bag of 'old cat medicine' for Bounder's achy joints, a blue bird (it would have been my mother's birthday today, I've been thinking about her a lot. She'd be happy I'm writing this story. Okay, she'd just be happy I'm writing :)...) There's the mini-Lego TARDIS Bear made me, ear buds for running. A fairy in a jar. Rocks collected on a hike. A terrarium from Turbo that's lasted waaaay longer than it should have. Butterfly in a jar. Crystal I bought my mom for her birthday one year. Now it's mine. Rose Quartz. She kept it on her desk for years. A rock with a hear Bear made me. A phone that, since it isn't a cell phone, probably is out of charge.  An old eyeglass case for a kid who doesn't wear the glasses anyway so why is it even here?  A Kindle cord. So yeah, this is the place I write. 

I'm writing a science fiction tale! Traveling Cities in Spaaaaaceeee.... okay, it's what I call it in my head, but that doesn't really explain it at all. It's fulfilling because, for one, I've always wanted to write in this genre.  I wrote a short  science fiction that did well in my writing course, but then veered. Sci Fi were the first books I ever read and loved. I dug into it all. Then dragons and vampires happened. But I've always returned to reading Sci Fi. It's also fulfilling because the world they all exist in is mine, and I love world building.

When I write, I need to have headphones on and music.  But it can't be music with words because I get distracted. So on Pandora, right now, I'm listening to a station called Star Wars film score. I think I created it. The children are behind me chattering away, but the music dulls it so it's not intrusive. I will say, I'm quite impressed that the first thing they grabbed when I said it's kind of a do-it-yourself dinner was the veggie platter. 

I said to a friend that I was teasing this story out, that my main character wasn't the main character at all, and only sort of a predecessor.  It's one of my 'tells' on when I know a character is a keeper or not. If they aren't in my mind, if bits of them aren't slipping into my imagination and if they stop developing personality traits or quirks, then they aren't fully formed and probably won't last.  

It's hard, switching between the two characters. But I have enough of the story teased out that now I feel I'm close to being able to outline and section it, so I can work in pieces in different parts of the story.

No, I'm not a linear writer, but I do create an outline of a timeline.

This happens in the beginning.
This happens in the end.
This happens before that other thing happens, and that after this thing.

It's how I write. 

It's Saturday night. I should loosen up and go a little crazy. Maybe I'll have some Baileys with my writing and Darth Vader music.

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