Sunday, April 02, 2017

Writing procrastination post - literally

This blog is mostly a procrastinating the writing blog. I mean, I'm writing tonight, and I have the scene I'm writing in my head, but before I can sit down and write, I have to get all the pre-writing jitters out.

Lets see, today, I took the dog on a long walk, I went to the store for random things, decided to pay bills and get all my tax items ready,  and looked up kong-stuffing recipes. All of that sounds like normal, reasonable things to do on a weekend, but mostly I did them to avoid this moment, where I'm getting ready to write. I also stopped myself from starting a cleaning project... cleaning projects are the greatest writing procrastination technique in my arsenal of writing procrastination techniques. I suspect I'm not the only writer who uses it, but unlike other writers, I know full well I can write in a messy room/house/desk/whatever... 

But I mean, my house isn't SUPER messy today.  

Writing, though. I'm writing.  I read from some author that all writers have the same repertoire of characters, and as the writer gets better, they cast the characters better. I wonder if that's true, or if the characters just keep recurring until you find the right story for them.

And... blog post procrastination is over, so off to the novel I go.

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