Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cowboys vs Eagles

I'm not a fan of the Eagles. I'm not a fan of the Cowboys. I had nothing really invested in this game, however, I consider the Eagles a good team that won't ever be able to find their way to the superbowl without divine intervention. The Cowboys, an okay team with some issues.

My husband is a die-hard Cowboys fan, so I watched the game today.

I usually mock my husband, and enjoy Cowboy losses, but sometimes, sometimes they are so painful to watch you can't joke, you must sympathize, and say "Yes dear, I don't blame you for crying, crawling up into a ball and crawling in a hole for a few weeks."

You see, their quarterback, has... connection issues. He can't connect with the freakin' two awesome receivers the team has. Nor could he manage to avoid getting sacked a mere SEVEN TIMES... I believe the Eagles may be paying him, now, since that pretty 102 yard run from the Cowboys end zone to the Eagle's end zone... It should have tied the game, it should have let them win, but noooo... instead, it gives the Eagles a clear victory.

Out of sympathy, my husband's friend and I forbade him to come out of the kitchen during some of the worst moments (making chili) but it wasn't enough. He saw. He cried. I mean HOW many turnovers?


I pity McRed for being a Cowboys fan.

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Anonymous said...

How about them EAGLES!!!