Sunday, October 22, 2006

Why I can't sleep

Twin B started it on Thursday. Poor Bear. He had a cold, but then got a fever. He slept most of the day Thursday and Friday, looking cute, angelic, and utterly huggable. He needed lots of hugs and being held, but he wasn't cranky. At night, he'd end up in our bed, but our Bear has a strange need. It is absolutely ESSENTIAL that when he sleeps in our bed, our heads must touch: forehead to forehead, cheek-to-cheek, it doesn't matter, and we have to face each other. If we don't, he wakes up, cries my name and tries to phsyically turn me around to face him. It's easier to just play along.

The end result of this, however, is that after two days of fever-sniffly baby-of-mine breathing phlegmatic fumes into my face, I got sick. So sick, that McRed let me sleep til 10, cleaned the entire kitchen, and let me lay about all day Friday. So then I'm recovering.

Oh but No. Twin A, our dear Turbo, on Saturday, then got a fever. And he got a Fever. Along with the serious crankies. This one was not content to sleep on the couch or the black chair, or just lay about watching Diego episodes over and over. Oh no. He needed to cry and fuss, and whine, he wanted juice he didn't want juice, he wanted cereal, he didn't want cereal, Up, no Up, hug, no hug, Thomas, no Thomas, finally, he wanted night night, and he would sleep only to wake up all cranky again. He also spent the night in our bed, but this being Turbo, we were woken up by our personal heat radiator, who suddenly got the energy that some feverish children get. One a.m. and where are we? In the living room watching him play trains.

Finally we get to sleep, only to be exhausted at 10 a.m this morning. Me, who WAS getting better now sicker, and Twin B awake and cheery. Turbo finally passed out for four hours on the couch this morning. Twin B, our Bear, literally walked up to me around 1, and when I picked him up, fell asleep two minutes later.


And that's why I can't sleep now.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

It was inebitable that you would catch it. That's the price of being a parent.

SQT said...

Oh, I feel for you. My two (who are not twins) have just gotten over a cold, just in time for me to catch it.

I don't know how old your twins are, but one almost 3 year-old is enough for me.

But this too shall pass. :)