Sunday, October 01, 2006

A Pox Upon Your House

Or rather, mine.

Turbo was sporting a teen-aged sized pimple on his knee, and not knowing what the hell it was, we popped it. EWWW. And then were like, 'wow, that's pretty deep' and 'hmm, it left a little pock' and while that comment didn't trigger anything at the moment, it did give me enough pause to check out the rest of him, but I found nothing.

Now, a couple of days ago, I decided the boys were coming down with something, because they've been irritable. Last night, Turbo was a little feverish and we gave him some tylenol.

Today, I notice, on his wrist, another rather large pimple forming, and then, a smaller one on his chin, and a teeny one behind his ear....


Out come the 'what ailment does your child have' books and then I go bother my favorite relatives, the life-flight, medic guy who will be attending medical school to become a pediatrician and his 'was a corpman in the Navy and now study microbiological boogies' wife.

Looks like chicken pox.

Send your kids over.

They'll play.

Now, I wasn't expecting this, because, they were vaccinated. It's a common vaccine. Unless you stomp and holler and say "NO" they vaccinate your kid for this. So hopefully, due to this vaccine, it will be mild.

Pox. Two weeks stuck indoors with a grumpy, itchy, pimply cranky toddler.
Three if Bear gets it.

Drama has been vaccinated and is nine. If she gets it, I'm grounding her.

But for the moment, I must do my duty and inform the playgroup and the gym time they attended that the pox is about...

And, it may not even be the pox. He's only got the three... could be something else that will go away really fast on it's own, I would hate to jump to conclusions...


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RainyPM said...

Liv got a whole pox-like rash on her face a few weeks ago and I thought for sure that the vaccine failed for her too. It turned out though that she had an infection (staph) and antibiotics cured it right quick.

I hope it's not the pox!