Thursday, December 14, 2006

Wind Watch

We've been having some winds, some rain, some windy rain, and tonight is supposed to be the worst of it. We have wind watches like some places have 'winter storm watches' or 'snow watches.' Yes, it gets that windy. I expect I may lose more of the fence and possibly one of the screens out of my window that's loose.

I knew we were going to have high winds late tonight and tomorrow so, I went to the store to, yes, stock up. I had groceries, but no munchies, and I seriously needed munchies. It's not that I expected to be trapped in my house due to high winds, but lets face it, when you have winds strong enough to fell trees into houses, rains heavy enough to cause 'urban and small streams flooding' and two three year olds and a ten year old, do you really want to have to run to the store, in that weather?

Turns out, I'm not the only one who thought that way.

There was a traffic jam right outside my neighborhood due to a lane closure due to said urban flooding, and the store was packed. It wasn't comforting halfway through it when the lights started flickering. On the way home, I, for the first time ever, flipped someone off, because I insisted on not turning left because there was, well, oncoming traffic. The nerve of me. On the way home I hit blinding rain, now I HATE driving in blinding rain, the rain that comes down so fast you can barely see out your window, and I don't understand how people in those weather conditions can continue to do the same speed. I HAVE to slow down, because I can't see. But no one else ever does. It drives me nuts. But I only live ten minutes from the store so it wasn't a big deal. However, I couldn't turn left into my neighborhood because traffic was thick and nobody felt inclined to leave intersections clear. I drove up to the traffic light and watch the rain literally pushed across the road by the wind, it was pretty neat. I also found out rain and wind put my boys to sleep... good to know... Then, BAM power went out on the other side of the road. Ugh. So I took my turn and drove home in time to feed the kids dinner, do some 'get the house ready to sell' stuff, talk to my little brother, and collect the flashlight from Turbo (he wanted to sleep with it, someone's scared of the dark) before the power went out. Twice.

I expect sometime during the night we may lose power longer, but usually it's not too bad, because we live close to the powerstation, so it never takes too long to get back on.

And was that not the most incredibly dull, monotonous, boring blog ever?

Right then, the lights are flickering, time to post....


MommasWorld said...

Just checking in to see how things are going with you. Rain I can deal with, wind is a whole other issue with me. I couldn't believe how windy it was in Indaian. Hope the screen stays on and you do not loose more of your fence.

Blackouts can be fun so long as they do not last too long.

Lahdeedah said...

I've been to Indiania, very windy, I remember that. It used to drive me nuts, trying to walk somewhere with this blinding, biting cold wind... brrrr... We lost power for two days, got it back this morning... still others without power, it hit from Oregon up past Seattle. It was crazy.

Amazingly, the screen stayed on and the fence was protected by the tree it was leaning against... there's irony, but my gate...

I knew we were in for it Thursday when I came back from the store and saw the rain being literally pushed across the road...