Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yay Baby

I got some happy, I got some happy...

...in a year filled with bad karma, craptacular happenings, and complete exile and solitude (my friends know what I mean, um, and I believe many other SAHMs -- you know, the ones with the plastic smile in the grocery store hoping to catch a good conversation with the stock boy... ha ha ha) anyhow, all of that along with three fighting cats, two bellowing toddlers and one dramatic ten year old, a windstorm that took away my power and coffee, (waah) a head cold resulting from lack of said power, and a stupid broken gate, (stupid wind)

my hubby, McRed, has been given a free plane ticket as a Christmas present to see the said toddlers and tween, and get to spend some of Christmas with them...and me, yaaay. Arrives the 23rd, leaves the 25th, not much time, but hey, i'll take the day over nothing.

Oh, and he's bringing his first paycheck, half of what it normally is because of when he started, but lets face it, it's twice as much as what we weren't getting...

So There's Some Happy!!!!

I also read a disturbing study I think is crap. This study now gives people a scientific excuse for thinking less of people who come into hard times. Apparently, people are genetically conditioned to think that people who have it hard or suffer or are poor, deserve it, and think less kindly of them. Now, maybe I'm a bit sensitive on this subject, but frankly, i don't think my husband and I are bad people becuase an event out of our control threw our world temporarily out of control, and I certainly don't believe we should be treated as 'less' than others because of our misfortune (which, we are now coming out of the worst of..) but hey, I could be wrong. Maybe my worth IS truly based on my credit score...

In fact, YOU can help prove this study wrong. Yes, YOU can make a difference, and show that you do think the study is bogus. You can prove it's bogus.

Oh, I'd love to, you say. How can I help, you wonder. It's easy.

Buy my house.

It'll prove I'm lucky after all.

You'll feel good about it in the morning...


MommasWorld said...

YEAH you got some HAPPY!!! I am so glad to hear your Hubby is coming home for Christmas! What a wonderful Christmas present.

That is just plain silly for people to believe it is ok to think less of those who come upon hard times. Maybe they are not familiar with the phrase..."But by the Grace of God go I." Things are changing for the better for you and really looking up!

As I was reading " YOU can help prove this study wrong. Yes, YOU can make a difference, and show that you do think the study is bogus. You can prove it's bogus."

I thought oh yes, I would like to know what I can do to help! What is the website? Can go vote on or is she going to show me an email address to tell "them" they are wrong. Then I burst out laughing! Sorry hunny, I just cannot buy your house. The commute to work would be killer for me. I do hope your house sells quickly!

Oh your coffee deprivation portion made me realize Santa needs to bring me a portable charger. The kind that will charge a car battery, AAA-D batteries, has a cell phone outlet and a regular outlet we will call Mommy's Coffee Maker outlet :-) It has other "thngs" but not as important as the Coffee.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Just how much is your house?

You're right in saying it's the people that count, not the circumstances.

Happy Christmas, Lahdeedah!