Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Meet Turbo

Now that the photo-ban has been lifted, lets meet the fam dam, shall we?

Meet..... Turbo

Turbo moves even when standing still.

Turbo is a wanderer, often found at any home except his own... cavorting with the neighborhood blonde who rules the pre-school boy set with blue-eyed cuteness and little shy smiles... visiting all the neighbors, house-by-house, picking up food and drink where it's offered, nary a glance back to me, mom, wondering at which back-patio I could find my stray. One neighbor, who kindly obliged Turbo with a glass of water and some pleasant conversation, described him as a traveler. I think this is an apt description.

Turbo can be found heading off into the grove of trees where the dirt is prime-digging material and the trucks have some heavy duty work cut out. He likes to climb trees and is an avid scooterer' on the sidewalk path. He loves to chase dogs and laugh, and often, can fall down from both chasing dogs and laughing.

This is Turbo.

Turbo is unique, independent, all boy, and, if his wandering ways are any indication of his future life, only mine temporarily... the big bad world isn't big enough for him.

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Jean-Luc Picard said...

The name says it all, doesn't it?