Monday, June 02, 2008

Happy June!

For some reason, I have been waiting until June to officially declare summer, even though it's technically not summer, that's not the point. My daughter is out of school. It's summer. If we were back East, than my summer would start end of June.

So I have just realized that I've given my daughter conflicting events this summer. She has theater in the afternoons, which ends at the same time my son's swim class starts. Okay, I can manage this. I'm clever. The library is one block away. She's 11. She can cross a road and walk down a road a bit to get to the library.

But then... her orchestra concert may be on the same night as one of her plays. Okay, no REAL need to panic here. If I'm lucky, they aren't on the same night. If they are on the same night, maybe I'm semi-lucky and they are at different times. If they are the same night, ugh, choices.... choices....

Next schedule conflict...
Drama and Turbo have one week of basketball camp for two hours. It starts the same time as Drama Girl's Cello lessons. Okay, she gets dropped off ten minutes early... I drive drive drive... pick her up and then go visit some trail with her and walk the dog and have Drama Girl mom chat's then run and pick up the boys, and then have lunch, drop her off at theater and run off to the lake with the boys....

It's only a week.



And, can you believe, daresay I, I've only scheduled stuff for Drama Girl through mid-July? And Turbo's swim lessons end in July.

What WILL I do for that last month? All that unscheduled time? /panic!

**Note on Turbo and Bear... I haven't really scheduled them for anything this summer because this is their last summer of being free... they start preschool in the fall. I figure they should get one final last hurrah (that they won't appreciate of course) where all they do is run around and play and swim and watch cartoons... because once they hit school, summer is all about getting them out...out...out... of the house.... and also, I deserve one last summer before being eternally condemned to summer taxi driver.

MAYBE I'll sign them up for a week of lacrosse camp... just because it sounds cool ;)


RainyPM said...

Omigosh, you are insane. There is no zen in your June/early July. Maybe you can wear everyone out though and spend the rest of the summer in the cool house watching cartoons or reading/writing.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Tell me when summer starts, as I'm waiting for the sun to come out.

Edward said...

She's into theatre and music? Really? When this start and how long has she been at it?

Lahdeedah said...

Doesn't England get a week of summer in July?

And Ed, just this year.