Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bizarro Lisa

I changed my twitter name to BizarroLisa. How cool is that?
It's because I have two twitter feeds, and it has been annoying my friends, all five of them, that follow me... 'who will you choose, will it be you, or bizarrolisa?' and that is awesome.

This by the way, is yet ANOTHER attempt to kick start my writing :)

I've got a cool job I love now, so yeah. Totes to me!

I'm sending my baby out to be published, the one I've spent so much time on, that's been done for a year and a half, but that I never bothered sending out. TROLLS!

There are those who know me who feel the only way to move on with writing is to send that one piece out.
Next up: do I do demons, biological metamorphis' or crazy teen angst?


David said...

Major progress! Congratulations.

Anonymous said...
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