Sunday, June 21, 2015

The moments of June

One of the hiking paths - the rains have made the path a
running muddy river. Still took it.
The large amounts of rain made the path a muddy river, but it was still beautiful. One of those moments worth stopping and taking a picture of.

June has been a month of moments. Walks by the creek. Coffee with friends. A crazy game of Dominoes, well, as crazy as Dominoes can get. Running - ish.

The boys have been having one of their best summers ever - proving true to their previous years' insistence that they have more fun not going to summer camps than going to summer camps, and they can spend more time outside on their own, thank you very much.

Writing in my morning notebook this morning contained the line - June is a month to celebrate the moments. We're not rushing through June, and while every month, really, is a month to celebrate moments, this year, June seems to be greener, pleasanter, and filled with hidden promise.

We saw this fella on the hike, too! 

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