Wednesday, June 10, 2015

I've stocked up on my summer reading list:

The Productive Writer

Boulder Hiking Trails

The Artists Way

The First Five Pages

Guide to Literary Agents

A Poetry Handbook

The Poetry Home Repair Manual

A bunch of Freelancing articles/zines

The Enchanted English Garden coloring book (some of us can't knit, alright?)

I think you can tell from my list pretty much what my entire summer will consist of.
It's an exciting time, summer. Well, it always has been for me. Something about June and July that goes back to my childhood. It's not just that they are summer months. August is a summer month and I don't look forward to it the same way I do June and July. These are the months that I have always found to be productive for me. It's just how they are.  I'm taking time this summer for time. I'm sowing seeds for a later harvest. I have everything I need, like summer squirrels, that chase other squirrels up trees and play in the sun, the time right now is meant for time. For dreaming and preparing and doing, but also, for enjoying the sun.

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