Saturday, April 30, 2016

Everyone was cuter ten years ago

I was going to try to be funny, but I ended up reading through the earliest entries of my blog. I read a bunch of stuff I wrote about my kids and got all sentimental because when the blog started the boys were only 3 and still wearing fleece-y footed pajamas which I mainly bought for them because it made them feel like squishy stuffed animals when I hugged them. 

I’d buy them fleece-y footed pajamas now, but I don’t think hugging them would have quite the same effect. Especially since I’d have to chase them down first and tackle them, and footed pajamas on a wood floor could be dangerous, especially if they're running away. Nowadays, I have to be strategic about hugs. Usually, if I stand at the bottom of the stairs when the boys first wake up, I can maneuver in front of them so they end up walking into me when they head for the kitchen. Then I can put my arms around them during that one small moment of disconnect between their still-sleeping brain and the waking world.  

Then I thought, wow, everyone was waaaay cuter nine, ten years ago....


I also read a bunch of stuff that was really REALLY important at the time of my blog that I’d completely forgotten about entirely. Stuff I wrote in my blog that was significant and noteworthy and looking back, reading it, all I could think is, huh. Weird. I don’t remember that… I wonder how much more of my life I’ve forgotten - all those pinky promises I can’t possibly keep because I’d forgotten what I promised. Full days, gone, beyond recall. It’s kinda terrifying, if you think about it. It means so many of our days are so without meaning we don’t bother recalling them. Or, I just have a bad memory.

THEN I became a little sad, because my blog wasn’t all that funny. Or interesting. While it was all cute and sentimental at times, at other times it was vaguely whiney, and not in a funny, hip, cool mom way, but like a whiny, mopey, bored overwhelmed mom way. I think I thought I was funnier.

More news about my cat:

Turns out I was right about his hips, and he’s taking pain medication and cosequin for cats, aka magic sauce for old animal bones.. Unfortunately, it can cause potty issues at first, which happened with Fat Cat. The boys were horrified to watch him drag his butt across our floor in a desperate, and not really successful, effort to well, get it out, out, out.... I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the sight, either, but I’ve never seen such looks of disgust cross the faces of ganky 12 year old boys who, apparently, are unaware of their own special sort of grossness. Had to chase cat with poop sticking out of butt. Had to mop floor. Still, the reaction of the boys was almost alllmooost worth it..

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