Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Robin Hood

Why I love the BBC.

In the BBC America's Robin Hood series, I love that:

Maid Marion can don a short bob, with bangs, and not cover it up. (She got her hair cut for helping poor people).

Maid Marion also practices Tai Chi, or some other relaxing form that didn't exist in England in 1192. She also never smiles. I suppose that would be realistic.

Robin Hood owns a hoodie. I adore hoodies. I want one just like his.

Robin Hood has a permanent scruff. Never a beard, never clean-shaven. It's a trick, to do that in 1192.

All the men, in fact, have neatly groomed scruffiness.

The Sheriff has heated floors in his castle, because he goes barefoot in them occasionally, while it's rainy and cold outside. Heated floors!

He also has the coolest loungewear.

Maid Marion can wear pants, too. Who knew maids wore pants.

Robin Hood has a nice ass, as seen in his tight leather britches.

Guy Gisbon is also a hottie, but he's a villian, a good villian, very villianous, he's so cute, then he kills someone randomly and how can you justify finding the villianous villian hot?

If I were 13, I'd have Robin Hood and his Merry Band of Boys plastered over my walls... yum.

Maid Marion can have Robin, but she's too grumpy. She's so wasting that ass. And apparently they have cute little shrugs back then too.

I'm sooo tired.

Night night folks.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

That series is far too modern. It's not how we interpret them.

David said...

Robin Hood is like King Arthur. They both get reinvented by each generation as moderns in costume.

MommasWorld said...

I love those BBC shows! Ok now go wipe the lipstick off the TV screen before hubby sees it LOL

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