Thursday, April 19, 2007

Soy is Dangerous. Tofu, too!

It is with great joy that I discovered the benefits of soy protein were far outweighed by the dangers.

Thyroidism! Breast cancer! Hormonal imbalances! Early onset of puberty in girls! Slowed development in boys!

The verdict?

Forget soy. Forget tofu. Eat polenta and pasta. They even taste good! Diet Coke is healthier!

For the past two (yes, a whole two) days, after reading about how wonderful soymilk and tofu was, I decided to try it. See all those Silk commercials touting the health benefits of soy? One-sided. I tried some light soy milk. Bleah. The vanilla and chocolate is good though. I tried variations of tofu. Bland, but not bad, neither here nor there.

Then, because I couldn't fathom how to eat the recommended 25 grams of soy (on the back of the Silk box, I should have known better) I looked up the benefits of soy, to see if it was really worth all that.

Ummm.... nope. Read all about the controversy!

It's not just there, either. It's here... and then over here

Okay that last one was just for a laugh but still, this is more trusty...

And finally,the Wikipedia version.

So I think the occasional glass of soy milk (chocolate, or vanilla, but not plain ewww) and some tofu or miso is fine, but I think I won't be eating tempeh or soy burgers, or soy stuff... bleah.

If it doesn't include most of the soy bean and doesn't have soy protein then it's to be avoided, I think....
... and while I'll eat some soy, I'm not inclined to try to add it to my daily diet.

I'll just stock up on some olive oil and salmon.

Now, there's a combo you can't go wrong with.


Anonymous said...

I told you tofu was bland but noooo...would you listen to me? Anyway, be're starting to sound like my mom back when she started researching all that healthy stuff. I better warn slacker to enjoy his meals now while they're good...


Anonymous said...

Oh, btw...Botox is dangerous (poison) too and yet you still see and hear about plenty of people using it!
So eat away at the soy and tofu!


Pageant Mom said...

I'm sticking with my donuts and amp thank you!!! I eat an occaisional veggie burger, but that's the extent of my health food forays...

I wish I had more self discipline. But I don't.


Kely said...
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Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sooner or later, they will be declared bad for you as well!

MommasWorld said...

I am not found of soy or tofu. Cheers to those who can stand the taste all for better health. My sister eats it from time to time.

David said...

Rubbish! I've been eating soy and tofu for years, and I'm perfectly fi

Lahdeedah said...

I just don't know how to properly use tofu and soy!

When I make it, it just isn't that great.


Travis Erwin said...

What's the point in living longer if you don't get to enjoy life in the first place?

Three sentences sum up my dietary beliefs.

1)Beef Jerky is your friend.
2)Lettuce is the devil.
3)Vegetables are food's food.