Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Deadliest Catch

What is so interesting about this show? I mean, technically, it's a 'guy' show so I shouldn't even be interested in it.

Men, on a ship, the Bering Sea, fishing for crab. The weather is usually bad. In one season, someone, at least someone, usually not on the ships that have the tv crews, will die. Someone will be injured (at least). A boat will get damaged. There will be a crazy storm (usually, once a show). The crab season only lasts like 23 days in October. It's an insane show. But me? Me? I'm addicted to it. I even have my favorite captains, and occasional crew member I bond with occasionally.

And I get cranky when I'm not caught up.

I'm not even a big tv person. I despise reality tv. Yet, here I am, catching up on the latest Deadliest Catch.....

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