Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ah the fun of it

And yes, there is another job that requires with my resume a one page expository writing sample.

I really wish I had one stocked somewhere, or that one of my previous clips would do.

So here I sit, writing a one page expository writing sample, already annoyed that this is not even a guarantee of an interview, and while I should view it as an OPPORTUNITY, at this stage, I only view it as another potential waste of time. I know I know, I shouldn't pre-view it as a waste of time, after all, I could conceivably get an interview out of it, but that's not the point, is it.

The problem really isn't the job posting requiring this, the problem really is I have no idea where my writing skill stands compared to others, so I honestly can not tell if this particular job is in or out of my writing league, so I get frustrated easily, because I imagine the world is filled with far-brighter people than me.

Oh that I had more of an ego!


Pageant Mom said...

You can do it!!! What really makes one person's writing better than another's? It's just a matter of opinion and taste if you ask me. You cannot control other's subjective opinions, but you can control what YOU write. So give it your best and don't fret!

p.s. speaking of expository papers... my senior English teacher in high school made us write an expository paper on the novel Crime and Punishment...and to make matters worse we were NOT allowed to use any form of the verb 'to be'. Try THAT. Talk about punishment...

I vowed to avoid all expository papers at any cost for the rest of my life after that incident.


MommasWorld said...

She is right. Do your best and let the others worry about having their work compaired to yours.

You are good.

Bigger Ego - You'er Pretty, Smart, nice to chat with. That outfit you have on today looks Great on you (have no idea what you are wearing but it always gives me a boost when people compliment my outfits)

Last night phone calls and fundraiser begging around the neighborhood prevented the photos I was going to take last night. Will get on that tonight :-)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

All you can do is the best you can.