Sunday, September 16, 2007


Hubby McRed was on a three day business trip, and didn't get home til Saturday. This meant that I didn't take any medicine for my little plague until Saturday night. See, I can't take theraflu or nyquil when it's just me with the kids. I don't know why, it's just, those medicines are meant to help you sleep, and I don't want to sleep so well I don't wake up if my kids need me.

So I took thereaflu last night and felt immensely better this morning. (I really think I needed just the full night sleep, but the actual medicine part probably helped) and nothing all day, and tonight I'm taking theraflu.

I live for theraflu.

My parents lived for Robitussin when I was a kid. Everyone who was sick, Robitussin, or St. John's children's asprin.

My husband gets theraflu and the occasional Emergen-C tablets.
I do the Theraflu.
My children? Tylenol and Children's Benadryl (mainly for Drama Girl and her many allergies. We used to give it to her whenever a cold started to prevent a full blown ear infection, now I keep it on stock for the strange allergic reactions she, and occasionally a boy, gets).

Anyone have any medicine cabinet staples they want to share?


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think I've only got some Anadin, plasters etc.

David said...


(It's bourbon.)

MommasWorld said...

When I was a kid

St Josephs orange flavored baby asprins

Plastic Band-Aids

Pepto-Bismol (we moved a lot and the water didn’t always agree with us)

Robatusin (always made me sneeze)

You wont believe what is in my medicine cabinet/medical arsenal he.he.he.

Tonight I will take photos and post them on my blog then link that post here.

Pageant Mom said...

One part jack daniels, one part lemon juice, two parts honey. Got the recipe from the pediatrician - honest!! Great for colds and sore throats LOL

After that it's all about Motrin for fevers and hot baths for colds. Whenever my kids get the sniffles we stick them in a nice warm bath (as warm as they can stand it) then we give 'em a teaspoon of the recipe. Cingulare (I can't remember how to spell it and I'm to lazy to get up and look) has worked well for seasonal allergies too. And good old Camomile tea with honey.

And I can't live without my Adderall and Advil. Lifesavers they are.