Wednesday, September 12, 2007

An Idiot

Apparently, I am an idiot.

But not enough of an idiot to not be slightly offended when the e-mail read 'pleasantly surprised by the high number of quality candidates' that totally outshone me, only to find the job re-posted.

So essentially I failed the pre-screening test.

Okay. Maybe you were trying to make me feel good.
Unfortunately, seeing the re-posting made me think you just thought I was an idiot.

Maybe I really am an idiot.

I know I know, they don't really care, la la la, I'm just one of a gazillion people who'd like to work, waah waah me.

At this point, I think it would be easier for me to get published than to actually get a job.

I KNOW you're not supposed to give up, and you're supposed to keep trying, but my word.

I don't know what hurt me more, staying home with the little babies for a few years or the industry I was in prior.

I'm going to drink a beer and feel sorry for myself.


MommasWorld said...

Don’t stress about it. Apparently there were no others greater than you because they did not pass the test. The job was reposted. My sister, taking classes the same time as you were, has been looking for a new job and still not finding anything. Even interviews have been too few and far between. It may not have anything to do with your staying home with your children. My sister has been continuously working in her field for 10 years.

We talk every day and she screams and yells at me about her job searching. She is allowed to get it off her chest. Venting at me relaxes her and allows her to see the whole picture.

Lahdeedah said...

I know!
But it's so hard.

I haven't gotten to the point of screaming and yelling, I'm trying to be Zen... or mellow, about it all.

And yes, the interviews are few and far between.

The real time for me to panic isn't even here yet. That's next spring, but it's not so far away!


Lahdeedah said...

...and it's like another friend said, it's not one 'concrete' reason that I can fix. My resume is good, my work background solid, it's just finding the right fit...

que sera sera

Jean-Luc Picard said...

With a liine like that, it did sound a little insulting.

Pageant Mom said...


:o) I'm baaaaa-yuuuuck!!!!

Sorry to hear you are so frustrated, I wish you well and I'll say a little prayer you find what is right for you! Just keep your head up and keep trying! You never know what is just around the corner :o) Sometimes things don't work out for good reason!

I will try to write something amusing on my blog soon to at least cheer you up. Satan's minions 1 and 2 have been up to their old hijinks at work...

hugz!! pageantmom