Monday, May 26, 2008

Rained out!

Of course it rained, it is Memorial Day, of course. Now, I know some places have perfectly sunny Memorial Days. We do too, except when I have something planned.

I was just going to drag Hubby McRed and the boys and Drama Girl to the nice big park. We woke up to a day fit for sweatshirts, long cups of coffee and a steadfast resolve not to walk out the front door into the sky that was about to rain, followed by the sky that did rain, and then some, with sound and lighting effects... in fact, it's still raining.

You'd think I'd be bothered. Bummed. Buggered. Whatever.

I would have been.

Except I rather enjoyed sitting on the couch doing nothing, followed by...


A NAP!!!!

That's right, I took a NAP!

I love naps, but I never get them. I can't remember the last time I had a proper nap! I had a proper crawl-under-the-covers-in-the-afternoon nap that lasted til early evening!

A major point to this was the way I went about it. I slipped upstairs silently while Hubby McRed was 'reorganizing' his music library on the lap top and the boys were in their room doing whatever it is they do when I'm not paying attention and Drama Girl was grounded to her room until 3024 or when her room is clean, whichever comes first. I slipped upstairs, closed the door quietly, and then, slipped into the covers. Imagine. With the cloudy rain-filled sky, the afternoon cool and the day lazy, how EASY it was to fall into a proper nap where I didn't have to be concerned about falling so deeply asleep that I don't hear the boys experimenting with basic scientific principles, like gravity, and how electricity isn't a toy...

.... nope. Hubby McRed, unbeknownst to him, was in charge.

And, yes, he had to exert parental authority. I heard him as I fell softly into slumber on my soft white fluffy pillow under my soft fluffy down comforter.

He came in at some point, realizing that I was missing, and tried to rouse me:

"AHH. THERE you are. What are you doing? What, what is that... is that... are you taking a NAP?"

"No. I'm not here. I"m not taking a nap. This is not the wife and mother you are looking for... go away..."

I love my jedi mind tricks... when they work....


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Most people said it was sunny. You must have had bad luck. It was rainy in my part of Britain.

Edward said...

Bad luck? I wouldn't call rain bad luck...Bad luck is being sick with the cold/flu on a 4 day weekend. That's bad luck.

Lahdeedah said...

I had bad luck. Lots of rain.

Sick Ed? Omigosh. You would get sick!

I found Mock btw.