Sunday, December 08, 2013

gaaah my truck, gaah

I'm a little overwhelmed this week.

I've got a truck that won't start that needs to magically get to the shop, two appointments to reschedule, two swim lessons to get to with Husbear's help, two science projects to help out with and of course work, a Christmas party and oh, the decorating.

Okay, the decorating isn't stressful, but it requires I clean out the area our Christmas tree will go, and then we have to sort out the lights. I despise lights. They are always tangled and they never work. My next Christmas tree is going to be one of those pre-lit deals. Don't even talk to me about a real tree, yes I love real trees, but I don't have the time to not mind the amount of extra work a live tree involves.

I don't want to just blog about the truck, but not having my truck today is driving me crazy. Without my truck I feel trapped - like someone stole my escape vehicle...  even though as a Mom, sometimes the truck is the prison... but never mind, because sometimes it's my escape plan.

I want to say something poetic but really I just look out the window at my non-starting truck and mentally scream because I suspect that if it wasn't -200 degrees out the past few days, my starter wouldn't be not-starting.

Work truck, work.


p.s. Looks like it'll be running weather in just a couple of days... weeee.... that'll make it better!

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Frank Smith said...

Hahaha! You must be really attached to your truck. It can be really frustrating to have something you love taken from you, even if it is only momentarily. I hope you got through your tasks while waiting for the truck to get fixed. How is it now, by the way?

Frank Smith