Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Time wasters

There's nothing clever in this post today, or witty, or funny.

Probably best not to read it.

The number one rule to being productive is to not be distracted.

This is difficult with the interwebz, but I have succeeded tonight, it's like a little victory.

I enjoy this place off writing when I get to it, it's when I'm the most prolific, the ability to not be distracted because my mind is ready for the story, or the story finally came.

I'm torn with time though, because I'm doing an editing pass on one and writing another. The two are different to the brain, editing uses different skills than writing, so I can work on both in the same time span, but how I want more time... how can I steal time?

I think that is going to be my 2014 goal: How to become not just a writer, but a prolific writer. How to steal more time.

Sometimes, I just want to run off to a cabin for a week, but that's not possible. And it doesn't help that winters here are so sunny - there aren't long gray days that make staying in the comfortable choice...

It's always the weather's fault...

I've got some minor edits done and a complete read-through of my first story, but I had hoped to have it fully done by now. I'm readjusting it, and I think I'm going to spend a day on it this weekend, just crank it out like I used to crank out those epic tales when I made stories for games. Once I do a major pass I can start on the next project.

I feel my stories beginning to be impatient with me. They've always been finicky, but they're becoming a little more outspoken lately! They must know something I don't. They usually do.

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