Monday, December 02, 2013

Monday Mopes

I don't think that's actually a thing, Monday Mopes.

It's Monday night and my mind is all awake and insomniatic, which isn't a word, but should be.

I'm working with this whole concept of walking through the world as a writer. I didn't make up the phrase, I read it somewhere, maybe two somewheres, and I love it, though I'm pretty sure whoever said it didn't mean that you should fuss about the things I do when experimenting with the concept of walking through the world as a writer.

For instance, what does one wear in this concept, that will help one exude writerness?
Should I change my accent? My tone?
Should I walk softer, firmer, slower, more deliberate, or whimsical?
Whenever I do something socially inept (about 20 times a day) do I shrug it off and say 'mm, writer, what can one do?

Okay, I jest. Mostly. I could really use some help with the first question, though, and the last.

Here's my Monday Mopes Notes:

My Monday Mope  is, once, this famous blogger who isn't me, wrote this book talking about how incredibly lost she gets even in areas she shouldn't be lost in. I thought of that, driving my son around for 45 minutes following a mis-guided navigation system in my own town, missing his first swim lesson. Mmm, writer, what can one do?

My second one is I wanted to run today, after work, and was going to, but got into an argument with Drama Girl (right, of course I did, she's not nicknamed Drama Girl for nothing) and couldn't leave the boys with a grumpy 17 year old who was furious with me. Also, she would sneak the television, which is what the argument was about. We parents only punish ourselves when we punish our children.

Third, at work today, I realized I had more junk/spam mail than real mail. Even more than that, I sent out a survey with the wrong year. Twice. /facepalm It'll come back in the survey comments, I'm sure.

Just the three. I'm not going to try too hard to come up with more!

On good notes, Mondays' about over, I'm going to self-publish my first short book once my BFF in SoCal finishes reading it over just to do something with it, and I'm on track to finishing my next chapter in the new book I'm writing this week.

Go writery me.

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