Thursday, December 12, 2013

Writing along

I enjoy the writing the most, the scenes and tales and characters that pour onto pages and pages, flowing seamlessly, becoming richer the more time I spend with them.

I'm editing right now.

I do enjoy editing, but it's not pages and pages of scenes and tales and characters pouring onto more pages and pages.

It's stops and starts and gasps and hmms, and oh's. Change a word there, delete a paragraph there, write a new page here. It's jarring, but it must be done. The good thing is, as I work with the story, I"m seeing the flow, I'm seeing where my character's out of character, where I reveal too much too soon, where I haven't let anything 'build.'

My other stories are being oh so very patient. But I sense my time with this story is almost over, it's almost complete. (Again.)

This story has been with me forever, it's my first novel, and now I'm bringing it to life again, to see if I can restore it. I feel it's important I Finish The Tale for the sake of not just the story, but every other story I write. They all want to be finished, and I do not want to leave anything unfinished.

So, the jarring process of picking apart pieces goes on for just a little while longer.

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